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This means that although you're not actively using reflection, it is still being used on your code.

DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 uses Smart Protection rules to prevent errors that arise from these cases. However since the .NET framework is growing by the day, the set of Smart Protection rules employed by DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 also has to grow. This means that if you find an issue that you think should have been covered by a Smart Protection rule, please send us a sample and we'll happily extend the set of Smart Protection rules.

6.3 Bugs As any software developer will tell you, all software products have bugs in them. Of course we do extensive testing to avoid problems, but DeepSea Obfuscator 2009 will also have bugs. I you do find a bug, please make sure you're using that latest version first. If the problem still remains in the latest version, please contact our support team by sending an email to with a clear description of the problem and steps needed to reproduce it.

We try to solve problems as soon as possible and we'll inform you once a fix is available.

6.4 The problem remains, now what?

If you're not able to solve the problem yourselves, please contact our support team. They are happy to assist you.

To contact them, send an email to with the following information:

1. A clear description of the problem 2. A description how to reproduce the problem 3. The original assemblies (before obfuscation) needed to reproduce the problem We always consider customer materials highly confidential and tread them as secure or better as our own materials. Despite this, we know some customer are not allowed to send product assemblies what so ever. In that case you can also send a simple ("Hello world like") assembly that demonstrates the problem.

Please note that you do not have to be a licensed customer to contact our support team!

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