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our career training is your ticket to adventure!

International Air and Hospitality Academy Let us prepare you for an exciting career in the airline and travel industries in just 20 weeks!

International Air and Hospitality Academy, the country’s only accredited airline and travel training school.

Why is International Air and Hospitality Academy the top airline and travel school in the country? The objective of the Airline/Travel Specialist program is to provide students with the technical skills and knowledge to thrive in the airline and travel industries. • Affordable tuition • Curriculum shaped by experts in the airline and travel industries • Accelerated training, only 20 weeks from start to graduation • Small class sizes for individual instruction • Financial aid for those who qualify • Lifetime graduate placement assistance • Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) • Student housing is available • Veterans Education Benefits and Indian Education Funds eligible • Classes taught by instructors with industry experience • Program focused exclusively on the airline and travel industries

Vancouver, Washington is the perfect central location for hiking, skiing, biking, shopping, dining, enjoying the local rivers and coastal beaches, and many other exciting outdoor and cultural activities.

About Our School

Our Mission The mission of International Air and Hospitality Academy (IAHA) is to provide the technical training, coaching, mentoring, and encouragement for our students to be skilled and successful in their chosen careers. Our Philosophy Our approach to student learning is based on the belief that students succeed when their career training: • Focuses on current industry best-practices and skill building. • Is delivered by instructors who are engaging and supportive. • Develops safe and productive work habits. • Emphasizes the importance of soft skills and professionalism. • Includes theory supported by ample hands-on practice. Accredited Instruction IAHA is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Forty Years of Experience IAHA has launched thousands of successful careers in the airline and travel industries since we opened in 1979.

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IAHA’s Career Services Department

• Assisting students in writing a professional resume and cover letter • Practicing individual and group interview techniques • Teaching confidence and helping students make positive rst impressions • Connecting students with industry hiring managers and recruiters At International Air and Hospitality Academy, we thrive on our students’ success. The ultimate goal for any student is to discover an exciting career path that results in rewarding employment. Our Career Services Department maintains an excellent working relationship with key employers and recruiting personnel throughout the industries. We work with each of our students to help prepare them for job interviews in several ways, including: International Air and Hospitality Academy is recognized as an excellent source of trained and qualified candidates for the airline and travel industries and we regularly receive inquiries from airlines, cruise lines, resorts, travel agencies, and other industry employers.

IAHA prepares students for a variety of different positions in the airline and travel industries. Our graduates are currently working in valued positions such as flight attendants, ticket agents, gate agents, travel agents, airport operations, and more.

Who Hires Our Graduates?

Graduates of our accredited training program are excelling in their careers at airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other travel industry positions such as these:

Airline Careers

Our graduates enjoy careers in a variety of positions offering great pay and benefits. AIRPORT OPERATIONS Ticket Agent

AIRLINE TRAINING Training Specialist Station Trainer Flight Attendant Instructor Training Spervisor Director: Training Services AIRLINE RESERVATIONS Vacation Desk Travel Agency Reservations International Reservations Executive Desk City Ticket Agent Reservations Manager Director: Reservations and Staff Frequent Flyer Desk Reservations Agent Group Reservations

Gate Agent Ramp Agent Operations Agent Cross Utilized Agent Operations Manager

Lead Agent Supervisor Assistant Station Manager Station Manager IN-FLIGHT SERVICES Flight Attendant Lead Flight Attendant Flight Attendant Supervisor Director: In-Flight Services AIR FREIGHT Air Freight Agent Air Freight Auditor Cargo Terminal Manager Director: Cargo Sales/Services

OTHER POSTIONS Airline Recruiter Flight Operations Agent Flight Crew Scheduler Flight Dispatcher

Pictured: Some of our graduates enjoying their new positions.

Airline/Travel Career Benefits

Some typical benefits of a career in the airline and travel industries include: Free and Reduced-Rate Travel Many airlines offer specially priced, or even free travel for employee, employee's spouse, children, and even the parents of the employee. Buddy passes are normally available to employees for friends and family members. Discounts on Travel-Related Services Airline employees generally enjoy discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises and more! Overtime and Holiday Pay Airlines typically offer time-and-a-half and sometimes double-time. There can be extra pay for holidays too. Paid Vacation and Sick Leave Group Insurance Medical, dental, life and disability insurance are available at no or shared cost with most airlines. Profit Sharing/Continuing Education Most airlines have profit sharing programs that reward employees for their superior service to their employer. Additionally, many airlines will reimburse employees for tuition and books when continuing education is beneficial to the employer. Travel Agency Benefits Travel Agents are often offered free or greatly discounted first-class travel all over the world to experience the destinations being sold to clients. Travel suppliers know you'll sell best what you've experienced yourself.

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What You Will Learn in Our 20-Week Training Program

• Have a high school diploma or GED • No visible tattoos (talk to your Admission Representative for details) • No felonies The PAC is comprised of senior-level leaders in the airline and travel industries who are renowned experts in their fields. They meet at least twice per year to inspect the facility, meet with instructors, and to ensure our training meets the needs of employers, customers, regulatory agencies, and other stake holders. Admission Requirements To IAHA Graduates will be qualified to work in a variety of positions including, travel agent, ticket agent, flight attendant, and as guest service agents for other travel venues such as cruise lines, railways and car rental agencies. Industry Approved Training IAHA relies on a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) that reviews and recommends changes to our curriculum confirming what we teach is aligned with current industry best-practices.

• Must have a valid driver’s license • Other requirements may apply

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Flight Attendant Services Flight Attendants are a critical part of the air transportation industry and are responsible for passenger safety while ensuring passengers have the most comfortable trip possible. In this section of the training, students will learn about the procedures and functions of the Flight Attendant including: • Major Flight Attendant duties and responsibilities • Industry terminology used by flight attendants and other on-board personnel • Flight Attendant announcements used aboard aircraft as well as different types of FAA and public-address announcements • How to operate the on-board flight attendant emergency equipment • Flight Attendant wages and bidding along with reports and Federal Aviation Administration guidelines Travel Planning To optimize career path options for graduates, the airline/travel specialist training program includes instruction in areas such as: • Domestic and foreign leisure itineraries that involve air, sea and land transportation, lodging, meals, guided tours, and a variety of other activities • Travel guides including The Official Steamship Guide International, CLIA Cruise Manual, Thomas Cook European Timetable, Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable , and The Official Hotel and Resort Guide • Intricacies of effective itinerary planning, using such references as The North American Official Airline Guide , Worldwide Official Airline Guide, and The North American Business Travel Planner Customer Service Skills The Airline Industry is one of the most highly competitive industries in the world. Most airlines offer the same flight schedules, modern aircraft, food, and amenities. The greatest edge an airline may have over the competition is its quality of customer service. In this module, students will learn to:

What You Will Learn (continued)

Customer Service Skills (continued) • Identify and learn the differences between outstanding and poor customer service • Resolve problems and handle difficult customers with self-confidence and professionalism • Develop the ability to handle the various situations you may encounter on the job You will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience through a series of scripted situations requiring you to utilize professional customer service. These skills will continue to help you advance in your career, where professionalism and job performance are valued and rewarded. Reservations, Fare Construction, and Ticketing The reservations system is the heart of most airline and travel activities. In this section, you will learn to: • Use the Apollo Focal Point Computer Reservations System (similar to most reservations systems used in the airline and travel industries) • Display and interpret flight schedules, sell seats, and create, modify and retrieve reservations • Reserve automobiles • Request services such as, special meals and wheelchairs • Create and transfer passenger profile information • Understand and interpret domestic and international tariff displays • Quote fares and rules for domestic and international itineraries, interpret flight information, and reserve hotel accommodations • Calculate prices for domestic itineraries and discounted fares as well as how and when to apply penalties This section includes an introduction to the principles of international airfare construction and required passenger documentation forms and procedures.

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Geography and Destinations A well-developed understanding of destination geography is critical to the work of travel professionals. Matching the right destination, climate, and accommodations to each client is critical to the success of any trip. In this area of study, students learn about: • The major countries, cities, and main attractions throughout the world • What the leisure or business traveler should take into consideration when traveling to different parts of the world Over the length of the entire program, students' international and domestic geography knowledge will be tested utilizing an online training system. Students will be required to show their subject matter expertise by passing the geography and travel planning exam.

Where will you go? Most airline positions offer some type of travel benefit which allows employees and immediate family members to travel for free or at a reduced rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities must I possess to be successful in these industries? You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma (issued by an accredited high school) or GED. You should also be able to read, speak and write English fluently, not have any felonies on your record, and display high-energy, enthusiasm and flexibility. Our Career Services team will help prepare you for the interview and employment process so you will be confident and successful in your career selection. Is International Air & Hospitality Academy (IAHA) like "ABC" or "XYZ" travel school? No. Some of the subjects that we teach may be similar, but the most important difference is placement assistance. There are other travel schools out there, however, IAHA has established its unequaled reputation as an Airline Academy. That's why over 111 airlines nationwide have hired our graduates! If I attend IAHA, will I get hired? If you do your part, chances are, you'll get hired! Good attendance, prioritizing your studies, and flexibility regarding your first position will get you on the right track! You'll begin interviewing for your selected positions four weeks prior to graduation, so you can go directly from the classroom to your first position. I'm from out of town. What do I do about housing? We offer dormitories for all of our students. These are shared accommodations in two and three bedroom apartments which are fully furnished and include wifi. Students will share a bedroom with 2-3 other students. We do our best to match you with other students who have similar schedules, personalities and habits. Will I need a car at school? No, but you can have one if you want. The campus is located 2.5 miles from the student dorms and we provide free transportation to and from school. Students who wish to have a car have access to free parking on campus and at housing. Parking does get pretty tight on campus though so, we do encourage carpooling and using our free transportation whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (continued)

Can I work while I attend International Air and Hospitality Academy? Yes. Many students work while attending their classes. Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, seven hours daily, so it is possible to hold a part-time job and attend school. It is important that you allow appropriate time for homework each week and keep your training a top priority. Go to https://www.iahaschools.com/survival-jobs.html to explore job openings by employers who regularly hire our students. Is there financial assistance available to help pay for tuition and housing? Yes. IAHA is nationally accredited. Our students who qualify, may participate in the federally sponsored grant and loan programs. Eligible students may also receive Veterans Education Benefits, Bureau of Indian Affairs funding and various funds from state programs. IAHA also participates in various scholarship programs. What happens when an airline hires me? Often, airline recruiting personnel travel to our campus and interview you during the last four weeks of your training. Prior to your interviews, you will receive information regarding available positions, cities you could be stationed, what your starting salary might be and other fringe benefits being offered by the employer. Some students may accept positions in their hometowns, but many relocate for their first position to get their travel career started. Once working for their selected airline, students can often transfer to their choice of cities. In all likelihood, you and several of your classmates could be relocating to your new place of employment together, so you could have roommates you already know to help share apartment expenses. When do classes begin? IAHA begins a new training class every month, so you can choose the training date that best fits your personal situation. Because class sizes are limited, you should apply as early as possible to guarantee your choice of class date.

Student Dormitories

Two and Three Bedroom Dorms Dorms are fully furnished, including all furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes, silverware, and washer/dryer. Dorms are two or three bedroom apartments, shared by students of the same gender. Each bedroom contains two to three beds. Housing Costs $ 2,350 for 20- weeks of resident training, includes a one-time, $100 housing fee (refundable up to move-in day). Convenient Location The dorms are within convenient walking distance of supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping centers. Student Comfort and Safety An on-site manager is available during the day and evening hours to supervise student activities. Student Housing also provides security personnel for the protection of students and property.

Roommate Selection Before the school start date, students are contacted by IAHA’s student coordinator. Students complete a housing questionnaire in an effort to ensure they are placed with compatible roommates who have similar interests and backgrounds.

Roommate preference is honored when possible.

IAHA’s dorms are fully furnished. Students just need to supply personal towels, bedding, and any additional items desired to make the space their own.

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Paying For Your Education International Air and Hospitality Academy’s Financial Aid Department will assist you with your Financial Aid application process and determine the Financial Aid package best suited to your individual situation. We are recognized as an eligible institution by the United States Department of Education for participation in the Federal Family Education Loan Program, Federal Direct Loan Program, and the Federal Pell Grant Program. Contact the Financial Aid Department

for further information on these and other forms of student Financial Aid.

Apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov

Our Federal ID School Code is 022229 For assistance, call us at 1-800-868-1816.

What makes International Air and Hospitality Academy such a great fit for so many students? • Affordable tuition • Curriculum shaped by experts in the airline and travel industries • Accelerated training, only 20 weeks • Small class sizes for individual instruction • Financial aid for those who qualify • Lifetime graduate placement assistance • Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) • Student housing is available • Veterans Education Benefits and Indian Education Funds eligible • Classes taught by instructors with industry experience • Program focused entirely on positions in the airline and travel industries

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International Air and Hospitality Academy 2901 East Mill Plain Boulevard Vancouver, Washington 98661 1-888-868-1816 www.aha.edu

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