Never Too Late - November 2022

Ending Life Well: Conversations & Connections Goldilocks Dilemma: An Overview of the Attorney General’s Life Care Planning Packet

Most of us like the idea of having multiple options to choose from. Sometimes we end up driving two extra miles to that one ice cream place that has the additional ice cream flavors, even though we know we are going to end up getting vanilla. Having multiple options may sound great but it tends to become an issue for some of us when we must choose one thing. It is that struggle that becomes evident when you find yourself standing in the middle of the cereal aisle staring at the rows of boxes. Unfortunately, choosing one of the three templates of Advance Directives that will best fit your unique needs is no exception to this problem. For the past two months, we have looked at two of the three different templates of Advance Directives that PCOA has available at no cost. We have already looked at the “Five Wishes” as well as “Thoughtful Life Conversations.” This month, we will be examining the third and last Advance Directive template that PCOA offers. The Attorney General’s Life Care Planning Packet (AG’s packet) is a template of Advance Directives that is published by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. The AG’s packet, as it is known, consists of 25 pages and has a more formal and legal tone. Initially, some may see this as being an overwhelming and even intimidating document, but half of it is instructional

information. One of the benefits of the AG’S packet is that it contains all the Advance Directives that are available, which are: • Living Will • Health Care Power of Attorney • Mental Health Care Power of Attorney • Pre-hospital Medical Care Directive The AG’s packet also includes a document, called the “Registration Agreement.” This is an optional form that can be completed if you wish to register your Advance Directives with Health Current/Contexture. This packet also contains a letter to your representatives. This letter identifies your documents you have completed and describes the rights and your representative’s responsibilities that can be included when distributing copies of the Advance Directives. Overall, despite there being some differences between the three Advance Directive templates, they all share the same goal—to protect your voice and wishes in the event that you are not able to communicate. When it comes to choosing one, keep in mind that it is important to consider your current needs and values when you are ready to choose. Remember, it is not about making the correct decision but about

choosing the one that best fits your needs. Regardless of if you choose practicality, a more holistic approach, or a more robust template, in the end, you are making a good choice by starting your end-of-life care plan. It is also important to remember that you do not have to go through this journey alone. The End of Life Team at PCOA can help you complete your end-of-life care plan. Please, do not hesitate to call PCOA’s Helpline at (520) 790-7262 to be connected to our team.

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