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December 2017

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To Be There for Those in Need

Justin Green on Helping People Achieve Justice

After a year and a half with Herrman &

don’t have the training or background to face a situation when the law plays a major role, it can be daunting.

Herrman, I’ve grown as an attorney more than I could have imagined. I am one of the younger attorneys at the firm, but that puts me

Going up against insurance companies is not easy. They have incredible resources, but so do we. I am one of those resources. I am here for the people who need me, whether it’s a client or a member of our team. And to speak to that, some of the work I am most proud of is what we accomplish as a team. The trial work, for instance, is typically not handled by a single associate. We work together, often handling different parts of the case from beginning to end. Outside of work, I am something of a writer. I read a lot and write fiction, mostly for myself. At the moment, I am reading a series of books by former Pope Benedict XVI. The books follow the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through a critical and historical lens. These books are incredibly fascinating and insightful. I’m also an avid sports fan, from college sports to professional leagues. I used to play various sports, but I’m mostly a spectator these days. Aside from that, I love to travel. This past year, I went to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday. And I’ve done a lot of travel for work, making my way to a number of places around the country.

in a position to learn and improve. It’s great to be around so many experienced

attorneys, including Mr. Herrman. On his own, he

brings a lot of experience to the table, and I learn from that and from everyone here. They help me realize my potential.

I grew up in a low-income, single-parent household. That kind of environment shaped my outlook on life. I saw when the “little guy” got the short end of the stick, and I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to help the people who didn’t have the resources to help themselves. Knowing that I can do that now is a big part of what drives me as a lawyer. I am able to help people achieve justice and to get them the results they seek. I mean, nothing is guaranteed, but to be in this position means a lot. The fact that I can provide people with legal knowledge and options is another thing that drives me. It’s rewarding to speak to someone and share my insight when they come to me with questions. The legal world is not easy to navigate. When you

Justin Green

From all of us at Herrman & Herrman, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!



Give a DIY Housewarming Gift Basket!

Around the world, people welcome their newest neighbors with special gifts. Russia is often credited with starting this housewarming tradition, as dignitaries would visit nearby villages to deliver salt and bread to townspeople. The salt was symbolic of living a life full of flavor, while the bread was so no one would go hungry. Other cultures have their own housewarming customs. In Italy, a broom is bequeathed to new inhabitants to sweep away any lingering evil spirits. Another common gift is a candle, which signifies always having light. Meanwhile, the French make a day of it by inviting new neighbors over for a “l’aperitif,” an afternoon snack of cheese and meat. Indians also extend a hospitable welcome, inviting new neighbors to join them for lunch or dinner. These neighbors also receive a gift for their new home.

neighbors inspired by some of the aforementioned traditions. Here are a few themes to try. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS There’s nothing worse than unpacking and realizing you tossed out all of your cleaning tools. Draw on Italian sensibility and put together a household supply basket. Fill this basket with items like all-purpose cleaner, furniture spray, antibacterial wipes, sponges, and automatic air fresheners. FLAVORS OF LIFE Everyone needs the basics when they are settling into a new home. Put together a basket with these ingredients for a savory start: gourmet salt, a bread mix, olive oil and vinegar, a mixed herb set, and a bottle of wine to make unpacking a bit more enjoyable. WARMTH FOR WINTER’S CHILL You can also provide heartwarming gifts to brighten a new home. This theme might include seasonal candles, scented plug-ins, a decorative string of lights, and glow-in-the-dark stars for the kids’ room. Once you’ve chosen a theme, gather the materials to prepare your basket, including a decorative bow and matching tissue paper. Then, stop by and introduce yourself and share your thoughtful, creative gift. You’re sure to impress!

People often lament a time when “everyone knew their neighbors,” and while some nostalgia is better left to memory (lava lamps, for example), a neighborly connection is worth pursuing. If you’ve never met yours, or if you just noticed the new family moving in next door, it’s time to

extend a friendly hand. This holiday season, go above and beyond by putting together a gift basket for your

“A friend referred me to Neely and his team over at Herrman & Herrman right after I got in my accident. They did an amazing job working and communicating with me even though I was located in Austin, Texas. They were very courteous and efficient with my case. I highly recommend this company and Neely and his team if you find yourself needing an attorney.” –Carly C. “I was injured in a serious car accident. After being ignored and disregarded by the insurance company representing the at-fault driver, I reached out to Herrman & Herrman. The attorney assigned to my case was Stephen Stratso. All I can say is, what a relief! The day after my first meeting, I was scheduled for a medical exam and treatment, and my damaged car was scheduled for repairs. After learning that I had several bulging and herniated discs in my back, I was offered a nonsurgical method of treatment. The anti-inflammatory injections worked wonderfully, and my quality of life returned as my therapy progressed. I honestly believe that, had I not utilized Herrman & Herrman, I would not have received the treatment and restitution that I required.” –Steven G.


don’t just take our word for it



2 More Insurance Company Tactics A Look Into the Insurance Adjuster’s Toolbox — Part 3

Delivering False Promises Some adjusters will tell you to get whatever treatment you need and just send them the bills. They say that they’ll take care of the rest. Simple! They do this will the full knowledge that they will later on claim certain treatments or procedures were unnecessary, unreasonable, or excessive. Then, you’ll owe money to the provider. With the insurance company refusing to pay, you’ll find yourself in an aggravating bind.

Insurance companies can be stressful to work with, especially after an accident. You call them and all you want is some help and compensation to pay medical bills and get back on your feet. They want to profit. Over the past two months, we’ve looked into the insurance adjuster’s toolbox and at tactics they use to pay you as little as possible. This month, to round out the series, we have two more: Befriending You This tactic is all too common. The adjuster acts like he or she is your best friend. There have even been instances where adjusters flirt with the claimant. They may even give you personal advice about the type of treatment you should get and how frequently you should get it. And then, regardless of whether you take their advice, they will likely claim that your treatments are excessive. If you miss a doctor’s visit here or there, they’ll claim you must already be healed and there is no reason they need to pay for those treatments.

These and other tactics we’ve explored represent only some of the tools adjusters have at their disposal. Be vigilant and work

with an attorney who can break past these barriers. When you’ve been in an accident, you don’t need another obstacle to your journey back to normalcy.

Easy Holiday Party Cheese Fondue

Scrambling to find something for the holiday potluck? This fondue is sure to impress!


* * *

¾ cup dry white wine 1 tablespoon cornstarch

* * *

1 clove garlic Salt to taste

1 (8-ounce) package sliced Swiss cheese

Foods to dip (apple slices, bread cubes, roasted vegetables, etc.)


1. In a large bowl, whisk together wine and cornstarch. 2. Chop cheese slices into small, uniform pieces. 3. Rub clove of garlic all over the sides and bottom of a heavy-bottomed pot, then discard. 4. Heat wine mixture over medium-low heat in the pot until thick and bubbling. Add some cheese and slowly whisk. When nearly smooth, add more cheese and whisk gently. Repeat until all cheese is melted. If mixture seems too tight, add 1 tablespoon wine. 5. Season with salt and serve immediately. Keep pot on low heat to keep the fondue dippable.

Recipe inspired by PinchofYum.com.




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Togo The Sled dog Saves an Alaskan Town

In the winter of 1924–25, the Alaskan town of Nome suffered a deadly outbreak of diphtheria. Facing an epidemic, with no medicine on hand, the entire population of Nome and the surrounding areas could’ve been wiped out. The doctor sent a plea to the U.S. Public Health Service in Washington, D.C., for help.

above the rest: Togo, lead dog of renown musher Leonhard Seppala, who crossed the longest and most dangerous leg of the relay. Togo’s 91-mile race crossed the frozen Norton Sound, where unstable ice could break apart and claim the lives of a musher and their dogs. But this route saved a day of travel, and Seppala and Togo carried on. In a whiteout blizzard, with temperatures at -85 F and winds up to 65 mph, Togo’s incredible stamina and ability to sense danger led his team to safety. Thanks to their bravery, the serum arrived in Nome in 5½ days. The official death toll for Nome and the surrounding Native Alaskan encampments was less than 100 — far below the 100,000 predicted. Today, a statue of Balto, the lead dog of the relay’s last leg, stands in Central Park, New York City, though it’s worth mentioning the award on the statue was not actually given to Balto, but to Togo. As Seppala said himself, “I never had a better dog than Togo. His stamina, loyalty, and intelligence could not be improved upon. Togo was the best dog that ever traveled the Alaska trail.”

Due to the harsh Alaskan winter, ships couldn’t reach the Nome port, and it was too dangerous for planes. Sled dogs were the only method of transportation available. They decided to send a shipment of serum by train to Nenana, Alaska. The serum was then transported to Nome by sled dog. The fastest trip from Nenana to Nome was nine days. Due to the brutal conditions, the serum could only last six days before it would expire. What followed was the Great Race of Mercy — a desperate relay to deliver the serum 700 miles across northern Alaska. Twenty mushers and 150 sled dogs participated in the relay, but most historians agree one hero stood out



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