Kelly Law Offices December 2018


Closing In on 1 Year Meeting and Educating More Motorcyclists


bout 10 years ago, I reignited a passion for motorcycles that began in high school and purchased my own

bike. Since then, I’ve joined a community of wonderful riders who are as passionate about helping others as they are about traveling the open road. This past April, Kelly Law Offices gave me an opportunity I couldn’t turn down, and it has turned into one of my best career moves. With a renewed love affair for motorcycle riding and with my experience in marketing, I joined Kelly Law as Illinois Marketing Manager. As our readers will remember from my introduction cover story in July, I picked Kelly Law because of its devotion to its clients and riders. The best part is, I’m helping fellow riders in many ways. With just shy of a year under my belt at Kelly Law Offices, I’m excited about the interactions we’ve been experiencing at events. I enjoy seeing the large crowds of enthusiasts come out for rides that support veterans, kids, and other groups in our communities. I’ve been to club meetings, dealerships, and various local events, and in the process, I’ve been able to educate others about proper protection and safety for a better riding experience. A prime example of what I typically talk to others about is the importance of wearing a helmet. Some states require motorcyclists to wear helmets while others, like Illinois, have no helmet-use laws. Some states like Wisconsin and Indiana, have a modified helmet law, where only riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.

The typical argument I hear from riders who don’t like to wear a helmet is, “Well, I like my freedom. I like the wind in my hair. I like to be on the open road with no constraints.”There are also several common myths that challenge the effectiveness of helmet use. But here’s how I refute these claims: Every rider wears glasses to stave off the bugs and wind, and protective eyewear prevents them from getting hurt. Helmets are similar, and while many riders acknowledge the safety a helmet provides, they don’t think of it in the context of the “must-have” necessity of their glasses. I encourage them to do that — and usually I see a lightbulb go off. Most motorcycle riders are some of the safest drivers I know. When we go from two wheels to four, we’re among the most defensive drivers on the road because we spend so much time in a vulnerable position on our bikes. That doesn’t mean we’re immune to mistakes, or that we shouldn’t do all we can to keep ourselves safe. It can be a dangerous hobby, but with safety in mind, it’s worth the thrill. I’m glad I found a company that understands and protects that thrill by promoting safe riding and helping people land back on their feet after an accident. After all, the freedom we find on the road is one that can’t be compared — though I promise you’ll still feel that freedom with your helmet on. And ride on to another adventure tomorrow.

Thanks for a great year. I can’t wait to see you again in 2019.

–Steve Graef



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