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You may contact the environmental assistance center at 1-800-662-9278 for possible information regarding questions to environmental concerns on any of these properties. These Rules and Regulations are not intended to provide any prospective purchaser will legal representations or legal positions relating to statements included in this document. Any prospective purchaser should obtain and rely upon its own counsel for legal interpretations of any statements made in these Rules and Regulations or any State of Michigan statutes relating to same.

Sidwell Numbering System for Ingham County:

A Sidwell Number, also known as a Parcel Number, is a real estate index numbering system that specifically identifies each and every property. The sets of numbers making up the parcel number identify a specific aspect of that properties location.

Local Muncipality

Sidwell Code

Lansing City

33-01-01 33-01-05 33-02-02 33-03-03 33-04-04 33-06-06 33-07-07 33-08-08 33-09-09 33-10-10 33-11-11 33-12-12 33-13-13 33-14-14 33-15-15 33-16-16 33-17-14 33-18-03 33-18-07 33-19-10 33-20-01 33-20-02 33-21-01 33-25-05 33-41-11 33-42-16 33-43-08

Meridian Towship

Williamston Township Locke Township Alaiedon Township Wheatfield Township Leroy Township Aurelius Township Vevay Township Ingham Township White Oak Township Onondaga Township

Leslie Township

Bunker Hill Township Stockbridge Township

Leslie City

Williamston City

Mason City East Lansing

Lansing Township Delhi Township Dansville Village Stockbridge Village Webberville Village


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