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This auction is being held in compliance with the Michigan General Property Tax Act, more specifically MCL 211.78m, all applicable court decisions and these Rules and Regulations. The property is sold “as is” with no warranties either expressed or implied. The Ingham County Treasurer (“Treasurer”) has not made a visual inspection of the interior of any improved property, and makes no warranties as to the physical condition of the premises. Announcements made on the day of the auction shall take precedence over previously published or verbally conveyed terms and conditions. The Treasurer as the Foreclosing Governmental Unit reserves the right to bundle any and all parcels of property. The sale will not be interrupted for any questions. REGISTRATION Pre-registration is available at Bidders are strongly encouraged to pre- register. The sale will not be delayed to accommodate on-site registrants. On-site registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the sale will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. No bids will be accepted unless the bidder has registered and received a pre-numbered bid card. A valid driver’s license or other photo ID will be required to register. Bidders will be required to show $2,000.00 in cash or certified funds to be able to receive a bidder card at the Ingham County Treasurer’s Auction. (Checks should be made payable to yourself, if you are not a successful bidder at the auction you will then be able to redeposit the funds back into your account, if you are a successful bidder you will then sign the check over to us as payment towards your purchase.) There are no exceptions to this rule. For winning bidders, the $2,000.00 buy in will go towards the required deposit (See “Terms of Sale” pg.4). If you are not a successful bidder the $2,000.00 buy in will be returned to you before you leave. No individual or entity directly or indirectly holding more than a de minimus interest in any property currently owing delinquent real property taxes to the Treasurer will be allowed to register. This includes entities whose owners and/or members owe delinquent real property taxes to the Treasurer. Furthermore, if the Treasurer discovers, after the transfer of property referenced above, that an individual, entity or entity whose owners and/or managers owe delinquent real property taxes to the Treasurer has purchased real property from this auction, the Treasurer has the right to rescind the sale of any property sold to said individuals, entities and entities whose owners and/or members owe delinquent real property taxes to the Treasurer with no recourse, remedy and/or damages available to the purchaser. You will be responsible for all purchases made under your registration and will be required to sign that you have read and understood the rules and regulations of the Ingham County Treasurer Land Sale Auction at the time of registration.


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