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WHEN CLIENTS BECOME LIKE FAMILY W hen a new client comes to us seeking representation for their workers’ compensation claim, they probably figure they’re just hiring an expert to provide a service. Certainly, that’s the primary reason behind the or experiencing undue strain on their marriage. It can get pretty bleak, unfortunately. But when

we’re able to steer a client back into a more stable place, and they go above and beyond by sending us a card,

exchange. We do everything we can to make sure our clients receive every penny they deserve in the wake of a work-related injury. But for most of our clients, as we guide them through the hardships and complexities of the process, our relationship grows beyond a simple business connection. Day by day, month by month, we become more than just a lawyer and a client. We become friends. Often, by the time their case is closed and they no longer require our services, they’re more like family to us than anything else. Building and maintaining these relationships is perhaps the most gratifying and meaningful part of the work I do. Every few days, an old client calls me up just to chat and update me on the goings-on in their families. Usually, it has nothing to do with their claim; they simply want to see how we’re doing and talk for a while. It makes my day to hear about the birth of a client’s first grandchild or the engagement of their daughter. Occasionally, these talks are a little less cheerful, but it’s still good to hear from people. Maybe the family was forced to put the dog down, or a relative got into a serious accident. Sometimes during these difficult situations, a previous client may not have many people to reach out to. I consider it a privilege to listen to and empathize with their concerns, whatever they may be. All of us around the office genuinely care about the well-being of our clients. When a worker suffers a debilitating injury, the ensuing months may be the most difficult of their entire lives. They may be out of work, struggling to pay the bills,

flowers, or posting something nice on our website, it means the world. Just the other month, our clients Joe and Gina Stelzer stopped by the office to give us a box of Panera Bread pastry rings and say a quick thank-you. Besides being a delicious and kind gesture, the gift was just the perfect reminder of how many wonderful people we have the

pleasure of working with. I’m grateful for every single person who places their trust in us — including you.

–Jim Monast

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