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Our Mission Heroes First Foundation

Heroes First Foundation, Inc. The Heroes First Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization that was established in 2009 to provide additional support to our military and first responder families. We recognize the countless hours spent and sacrifices made by our military heroes, police officers and firefighters to protect our lives, property, families and American freedom. For some, the hardship begins immediately and for others, the hardship grows over time. The Heroes First Foundation is committed to doing all we can do to support these heroes because they know freedoms are not free. Heroes First Foundation Supports paws4people Since 2012, The Heroes First Foundation has contributed 100% of the funds raised from our annual charity golf outing for paws4vets. The paws4people foundation (www.paws4people.org) raises, trains and places Assistance Dogs with children, veterans, military dependents and civilians living with disabilities. The organization provides certification, insurance and support for the client/dog teams for the duration of their career. Through the paws4vets Assistance Dog Placement Program (p4vADPP), Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members (ADSM) or their dependents with physical, neurological, psychiatric or emotional disabilities can receive Psychiatric Service Dogs, Mobility Service Dogs and Rehabilitative Assistance Dogs free of charge.

How To Get Involved The Heroes First Foundation relies on raising funds primarily at our annual golf tourna- ment and through donations given throughout the year. 100% of the funds raised are given directly to paws4vets at the golf tournament, which is held every spring. All U.S. Military servicemen and servicewomen who register for the event are granted compli- mentary registration for the tournament. Preregistration is recommended due to first come, first served availability. Regardless of your level of support or involvement, the Heroes First Foundation appreci- ates all donations, sponsorships, volunteers, golfers and overall efforts that help support this important event. For more information on getting involved with this incredible event, please see the inserts located in the right hand pocket of this folder. Thank you for taking time to learn about our cause. We hope to see you at our next annual golf tournament!

Sponsorship Options: Heroes First Foundation

Register Online Today at www.heroesfirstfoundation.org

• Flagship $10,000 1 foursome, your logo on event signage and hole sign $9,600 donated to HFF • Diamond $5,000 1 foursome, your logo on event signage and hole sign $4,600 donated to HFF • Hospitality $5,000 • Platinum $2,000 1 foursome, your logo on event signage and hole sign $1,600 donated to HFF • Gold $1,500 1 foursome, your logo on event signage and hole sign $1,100 donated to HFF • Silver $1000 1 foursome, your logo on hole sign $600 donated to HFF • Bronze $750 1 foursome $350 donated to HFF • Hole Sponsor $100 Your logo on hole sign • Beverage Cart Sponsor $500 Your logo on event signage, beverage cart

Additional Sponsors Needed • Food Sponsors Needed • Drink Sponsors Needed • Videography Sponsor Needed

• Live Band Sponsor Needed • Supply Sponsors Needed • Giveaway Sponsors Needed • Monitary Donations Needed

*If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have any questions regarding the Heroes First Foundation, please contact: John Kahren: 404-786-1739

• Single Player: $125

Meet Some of Our Past Heroes Assistance Dogs Transforming Lives

Kyria Henry & WYATT Kyria is the Founder and Executive Director of paws4people foundation. She was raised with her father’s German Shepherds, and successfully convinced her family to “cross-over” to the Golden Retriever breed, receiving her first puppy when she was 10 years old. Since then, Kyria has been enveloped in the world of dog training, dabbling in disciplines such as ad- vanced obedience, agility, rally, behavior modification, and scent work; but her true love and expertise is As- sistance Dogs. Kyria founded paws4people foundation in 1999. During middle school, high school and college, Kyria worked with her certified Therapeutic Facility and Educational Facility Dogs in nursing homes, hospitals, and special education classrooms. Kyria graduated from West Virginia University summa cum laude from the Honors College with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Religious Studies, and Speech Pathol- ogy and Audiology, with a specialization in Disability Studies. She then attended Bergin University of Canine Studies, earning a certification in Service Dog Educa- tion. While managing multiple Service Dog Training Programs, Kyria completed her Master’s Degree from Liberty University in Human Services- Marriage and Family Counseling, during which she assisted in the development of cutting-edge utilization of Psychiatric Service Dogs as adjunct therapeutic interventions with- in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy techniques. Currently, Kyria is the Program Director and Instructor of the University of North Carolina Wilming- ton Assistance Dog Training Program, the first and only comprehensive Assistance Dog academic certificate pro- gram at a state university. Most importantly dog mom to, Assistance Dog Ambassador and Demo Dog, WYATT, and her Search and Rescue Dog (In-Training) HOBBS.

SGT Jeff Mitchell USA (ret.) & AUSTIN

Jeff served 2 combat tours in Iraq with the 2/3 ACR in 2003 and 2005. He was medically retired from the Army with severe Complex Post Traumatic Stress. By 2009, he was desperate to find relief and began training with paws4vets. Because of the support of paws4vets and his Assistance Dog, AUSTIN, Jeff is now a Peer Mentor with paws4vets helping other veterans learn how to use their dog to help with their symptoms. He and AUSTIN also speak to groups about the mission of paws4vets and the value of Assistance Dogs to make a difference in the lives of those who have served. AUSTIN is Jeff’s second paws4vets Assistance Dog. His first dog, TAZIE, is en- joying her retirement and seems happy to let AUS- TIN take over as Jeff’s partner. Jeff says that “AUSTIN is amazing, whenever I look at him he always seems to be smiling. He is my light in darkness and is able to guide me to a better frame of mind.

Meet Some of Our Past Heroes Assistance Dogs Transforming Lives

SSgt Randy Powers USAF (ret.) & MORGAN

Randy first discovered the paws4people organiza- tion/family in March 2016. In April 2016 he became a Volunteer Community Liaison for paws4people and shortly thereafter a client. Randy attends many fund- raising events throughout the year, but his primary focus is during the Combined Federal Campaign (Sept – Dec), when his goal is to visit as many Government agency fund raising events as possible and to share the paws4vets mission. Randy’s Assistance Dog MORGAN helps him by inter- rupting his panic attacks and nightmares. She can also retrieve items and helps Randy with balance through her Mobility Assistance Training. Shortly after being introduced to paws4people, Randy knew he had found his purpose post-retirement. He is in his element when he is working with his wife, Donna, and MORGAN, to raise awareness and promote paws4people, paws4prisons/paws4vets; three programs that he knows changes, and even saves lives each, and every day!

Adam Snow USMC Veteran & RUSHMORE

Adam requested an Assistance Dog to aid with his PTS symptoms. In Afghanistan in 2010 he was hit by an IED and he suffered a TBI as well as minor physical injuries. He returned from deployment and found that he is constantly on guard, easily agitat- ed and has a very short temper. He wants to be a better man for his wife and children. It’s hard to be that man when he has so much flashing through his head. Adam is also a firefighter and he feels like this is his calling in life, other than being a Marine. He loves his job but the stress of that job tends to heighten his PTS. He feels as though having an Assis- tance Dog will help him to better cope with his job. In July 2016, Adam met his new battle buddy, RUSH- MORE. This team will do amazing things together! RUSHMORE will interrupt negative behaviors that Adam is displaying by alerting him. RUSHMORE will also interrupt Adam’s nightmares and assist with his anxiety and hypervigilance by anchoring on him in his time of need.

Meet Some of Our Past Heroes Assistance Dogs Transforming Lives

Clay Fambro USMC Veteran & MYER

Clay served in the US Marine Corps. and toured over- seas in Iraq shortly after the invasion. After seeing things that can’t be unseen, he struggles to deal with anything that involves lots of people. He looks strong and happy on the outside, but that just means the pres- sure and fires are building to a breaking point on the inside. With MYER’s support, Clay is able to manage his PTS and be the husband and father he wants to be for his beautiful family.

Michael Schwartz USMC Veteran & ROSEY

Michael served in the USMC. He was medically dis- charged after suffering a back injury during ODS. He also has significant hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of his time overseas. He struggles with the loss of one of his friends who committed suicide and for many years he has tried to hide his issues from the rest of the world. His anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability and guilt have since come to light and he is ready to deal with everything for the sake of his wife and daughter. Michael is diagnosed with PTS, Chronic Low Back Injury and Hearing Loss. Sweet ROSEY bumped with Michael in December 2016. ROSEY will help Michael by alerting to sounds, interrupting his behaviors, anchoring when he is anxious and retrieval of items when he cannot move due to his back injury.

Our Past Sponsors: We Thank You For Your Continued Support!

“I believe local businesses should help to support unfulfilled needs in our community. Many of my employees are military veterans and felt like additional support was still needed for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress and other injuries caused in combat. We imme- diately wanted to help provide funds to paws4vets after finding that they were making a positive impact for those who need this kind of support.” – John Kahren

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