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Close to life.

Basic human needs have changed little over the course of time. But modern lifestyles have changed significantly: our way of living and working, communicating and feeding ourselves. The setting in which we eat our meals is also evolving. People dine increasingly away from home and out and about all around the world. As a manufacturer and supplier of professional tabletop, we want to enable them to enjoy moments of indulgence, whether big or small. You are our guests.



Pleasurable dining.

To assume the leading position in gastronomy worldwide, you have to feel at home in all its areas. With seismographic precision, Bauscher identifies the specific requirements of themost diverse target groups and translates them into aesthetic, functional shapes. This ability validates our reputation as a visionary specialist. • Global brand for professional, international dining culture • Professional porcelain for the entire restaurant and catering segment • Hotel and restaurant sector; professional catering; hospital and care sector

Steigenberger Hotel Stadt Lörrach



Pioneer since 1881.

Filigree hard porcelain: Purity - Noble China

The inventor gene is clearly written in the DNA of Bauscher. The brand owes its flexibility in finding the answers to the issues of tomorrow today to this gene. Our courage and wealth of experience make us one of the most widely-used professional porcelain in the world. The Porcelain of tomorrow since ƒ881- manufactured in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Groundbreaking solutions for our customers • Inventors of hotel porcelain: the Bauscher brothers • Revolutionary design: B1100. First tableware systemwith space-saving shapes • Novel visual appeal: Carat . First relief-design tableware system of its time • Innovative porcelain material Noble China: Purity. Delicate body in BoneWhite • First intelligent tableware: Pabis. Porcelain combined with RFID technology by avus • Functional added value: Airflow. Shortened cooling down and heating up through air exchange

Visionary company founders: August and Conrad Bauscher

Modern billing: Pabis



Function shapes Design.

Shape design with in-house and external designers

Based on intensive trend and market analyses, Bauscher develops creative shapes and solutions for presenting dishes in interesting ways, while making them easier to use. Whether for the star chef, service staff, caterer or people in need of care. And thus, the functionality that is characteristic of Bauscher and thought out down to the last detail, combined with aesthetic design is created. Creative, highly-functional forms of presentation • Solution-focused concepts, own product development • Multiple award-winning design • Style always in line with trends • Professional porcelain in three different materials: hard porcelain, Duracream, Noble China

Enjoy - award-winning design and market-tailored functionality



The entire range.

Bauscher has a wide range of attractive collections on hand for the presentation of exquisite moments



Instinct: high tech with the addition of manual finishing touches

Quality is a quantity of dependability, against which performance and action must be able to be measured. Those who set store by it take responsibility. As a manufacturer of professional porcelain, as an em- ployer and business partner. For precisely this reason, for over ƒ35 years, we have invested in Germany, in our employees, exemplary social standards, top-quality raw materials and sustainable technologies. Our many years of customer relationships and our company’s ISO certification are proof of this.• Quality and efficiency 100%Made in Germany • Highly automated technology • Energy-efficient, resource-friendly manufacturing - ISO 14001+ ISO 50001 CERTIFIED • Firing temperatures of above 1,400 °C guarantee maximum hardness of porcelain and glaze • Durable due to: chip-resistant edges, wear and scratch-resistant glazes, homogeneous, completely dense surfaces and glazed, polished edges and feet • Excellent heat retention

Professional quality fromGermany.

Manufacturing in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe



A question of style.

Whether in a five-star restaurant or staff canteen, in a trendy eatery or at the hospital - the style of an organization is reflected in the food concept just as much in the interior design or the choice of porcelain. The Bauscher range therefore has a wide selection of styles and pattern options. Those who want to make a completely personal statement can design their own individual pattern together with the Bauscher Decoration Center. The right business card for every dining establishment • Up to date: adaptation of international style and pattern trends • Diverse range of patterns and color patterns • In-house decoration center: customized patterns, logos, signets • Special high-contrast patterns aid orientation for people with poor vision • Due to high firing temperatures, Bauscher in-glaze patterns are extremely durable



Here for you.

We not only produce and sell exceptional tabltop solutions for the entire spectrum of international restaurants and hotels. Our customers also value our expert advice and support right through to perfectly- timeddelivery. All aroundtheworld, thename Bauscher stands for high reliability and for our commitment to deal with the most varied tasks and challenges in the interests of our customers.

Professional advice and first-class comprehensive service • Strong international sales partner network • Expert advice, quick response • Extensive range, long-term product availability •  Work out tailored solutions • Highly-automated patterning and logistics center • Flexible and fast order processing with state-of-the-art IT systems • Delivery within 48 hours possible • Service level of almost 100%



Bauscher has been a brand with an international outlook right from the start. A branch was founded in New York back in ƒ895. Today, Bauscher has sales partners in more than 80 countries and exports almost half of what it produces to over ƒ20 countries. Up to ƒ30.000 items are sent around the world every day. We are just as much at home in high-class international hotels and restaurants as in canteens, service stations, shipping lines, hospitals or retirement homes. At the same time, we remain committed to our production location. We owe our success and the trust of our customers to keepingour feet firmly on local ground.

The global brand out and about.

NUO Hotel, Peking

KWA Albstift, Aalen

BASF Betriebsrestaurant, Ludwigshafen

Hotel Imperial, Wien

Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, Künzelsau



BAUSCHER Obere Bauscherstraße  T + 49 (0) 96ƒ 82 – 0 E

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· Germany

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