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We’ll be welcoming a “Bernedoodle” into our home this month, a hybrid species that’s a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. The decision to adopt a Bernedoodle was easy because there’s something for everyone to love. The breed has the muscle for long hikes with my husband and the affection for cuddling with my daughter. They’re also known to be great support animals, and I’m looking forward to training our new dog to come into the office to aid in giving support our clients need. The pure love that animals are capable of sparking in humans can be a powerful healer, and we can’t wait to welcome new love into our family. I’m even more excited to announce that we’ll be adding yet another member to our family soon. My daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Stephen, are officially engaged! Their announcement came in December, and I’m so excited for the journey they’re about to embark on. It’s been a long time coming, as their relationship started in high school. They’ve truly grown up together and seen one another through the thickest and thinnest defining moments of their lives so far. They know everything about each other and complement one another in ways that amaze me. After so many years, I’ve come to love Stephen as I do my daughters. Still, welcoming love into your life is not without its risks. When you raise children, you know you’ll someday be letting go of them as they leave the nest in pursuit of lives of their own. That prospect is very real for my husband and I as we help Ashley plan for her wedding day. The same goes for when you welcome a new pet into your life. You do so knowing they’re going to leave you much sooner than you’d like. When that day comes, the loss is as impactful as losing any human family member. When you love something, letting go of it can be extremely difficult. But just because you’re letting go doesn’t mean you’re loving any less. In fact, when you do manage to let go, it allows you to take a step back and see the full capacity your heart has to give. If you’ve been able to navigate all

Love comes in many forms. The love I have for my husband is different than the love I have for my daughters, and both of these loves are different from the love I have for the work I do. But I don’t think measuring love by category does it justice. Rather, you should measure love by how much of it you put in, no matter the form. Sometimes, the moment you realize how much love you’re capable of arrives on the brink of new love or when you find yourself having to let it go. My family has always loved dogs, but unfortunately, our last dog passed away about five years ago. Each of us still feels the sting of that loss from time to time because our pets become extended members of our family. We care for them dutifully, and they love us unconditionally. It’s a love that can teach us a lot about ourselves. So, we’ve decided the time has come to open our hearts once again.

the ups and downs that come with living a life full of love, then you’ll know that whoever has received your love is better for having it. For me, that’s reason enough to be willing to love, even if sometimes it means letting go.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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