Team Taylor REMAX September 2019

SEPT. 2019



Here at Team Taylor, we’re dedicated to our community, but we’re also incredibly family-oriented. We’re so dedicated to family because it runs deep in the roots of how we started. My mom has been a Realtor ever since I can remember, and my dad was a real estate attorney and land developer. My parents’ backgrounds gave me such a unique perspective on the industry. It really was the best training you could ask for. While I have a real passion for the industry now, it wasn’t what I first set out to do, which is a story many Realtors can relate to. When I first went to college, I had dreams of being an attorney just like my father. While my dad was flattered that I wanted to follow in his footsteps, he detoured me from pursuing that as a career. Looking back, I’m very thankful for the advice. After that, I pursued a business degree at Samford University right here in Birmingham, Alabama. In college, I had a growing interest in the financial field, which led me to a career in sales. I loved my job, and I worked primarily in the financial and medical fields. Three years into my sales career, however, I saw I could use my marketing skills and the recent tech advancements to connect directly with consumers. I have a real passion for connecting with people, so the real estate industry seemed like the perfect fit. Along with the guidance of my mom, I was excited and ready for the challenge of realty. My realty journey began in 2005 when my mom and I joined forces to start Team Taylor. My mother was very excited and always there to help. She made it clear before I ventured into the industry that nothing was ever guaranteed; nothing was going to be handed to me. Since I grew up in the industry, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy work, but I was ready to get started. I entered the market at its peak essentially. However, as everyone knows, the industry in 2008 was a lot harder to handle. I started to notice things, and I saw the fundamentals of the market start to erode. During that period of time, I had to sharpen my skills as an advisor and professional to learn all the

different aspects of the business, like closing sales, representing investors, and negotiating short sales. This was also an amazing opportunity to see my team really thrive. What sets our team apart is our customer-centered approach, as well as our strong work ethic

and years of combined experience. Our customer-centered approach is broken down into assessing the customer’s needs, understanding their financial picture, trying

to understand their personal goals, and what they’re trying to accomplish. We’ve worked hard to be as efficient and friendly as possible. My team is so outstanding that I’m able to leave the office to coach all my kids’ sports teams! Know of another realty company able to do that? I certainly don’t. It’s only been since 2005 that I’ve been hands-on, but I believe I know what it means to be a true real estate professional. My perspective has changed a bit after being in the industry for 15 years; I see the sacrifices my mom and dad had to make because I’m doing the same thing today. It’s why we maintain such a strong connection with family. My wife and kids keep me grounded, and I couldn’t ask for a better team at Team Taylor. Without everyone coordinating and working so hard, none of us would be able to make it to family events. While we’re focused on our families, we’re focused on yours, too. So, next time you’re looking for a home for the next chapter in your life, consider Team Taylor to help you find a home that fits your family’s needs. —Drew Taylor


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