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My family is always content as long as we’re together. We may not always get along, but many of our holidays and special occasions center on sharing in the love we have for each other and for Christ. There are a few traditions we hold steadfast to, and none are more exciting than our upcoming Independence Day plans. This month, our family is looking forward to the Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade. We’ve been attending this event since our boys were little, and we’ve only missed a few years here and there. Boasted as the largest Independence Day parade west of the Mississippi River, the celebration is full of bands, floats, special guests, and military representation. It’s a great event, and there really is no better way to celebrate our country’s independence or to spend time as a family. Now that the boys are getting older and more involved in various activities, it’s difficult to get the family together for this parade. But over the years, this tradition has been cemented as our favorite way to celebrate the Fourth. Our second summertime tradition is easily one of our favorites. Each summer, we try to hit the road or

jet off somewhere new for a family vacation. With the kids out of school, summer is the perfect time to create a few family memories and explore. This August, we’ll be heading back to one of our favorite places to visit: Hawaii. I first visited Hawaii when I was a kid, and as a family, we have been back three or four times. We typically like to visit Maui, and our main prerogative is to explore the entire island. It’s difficult to not feel completely relaxed as you snorkel and swim at the many beaches, hopefully observing some turtles along the way. August can’t come soon enough! Last summer, our annual vacation was a little trip to Northern California’s June Lake. As a whole, the trip was great. We enjoyed the natural beauty of California and made quite a few memories — though none quite as memorable as our attempt at fishing. Anyone who has been to June Lake knows it’s a small, quiet lake most known for its fishing. The Nowlins aren’t fishermen, but when in Rome, right? I have to give big props to my boys; this day was brutal! We did our best the whole day and didn’t catch a single thing. We spent a good chunk of the morning and afternoon with our poles bobbing through the water,

but we couldn’t lure anything to our bait. By midafternoon, the boys had enough, and even I had to admit it was time to quit. Looking back, I can’t help but laugh at our misadventures in fishing, even if it was disappointing at the time. But if the years of going on new adventures with my family has taught me anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter what we do or where we do it. I’m just glad to be creating summertime memories with those I love the most.

(Although, to be honest, it's hard to beat Hawaii.)

–Mark Nowlin

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