12B — September 29 - October 12, 2017 — 2017 NJ Governor’s Conference on Housing & Economic Development — Owners, Developers & Managers — M id A tlantic

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2017 NJ G overnor ’ s C onference on H ousing & E conomic D evelopment By Michael Mastroberti, Window City Replacement windows and doors contribute to the green building movement T his year’s Governor’s Conference in Atlan- tic City is all about

dences, Window City looks forward to sharing informa- tion on how replacement windows and doors can con- tribute to the green building movement and reinforce the public housing rehabilitation efforts. Window City is an industry leading, full service window contractor specializing in commercial window replace- ment. Established in 1986 by two brothers in North Jersey, this year marks our 31st year in business. The company has completed some of the most

prestigious and demand- ing projects in the country including some financed by NJHMFA like Colt Arms Tower, Pilgrim Baptist Vil- lage, Trent Tower, and Har- rison Gardens. Window City is proud to have contributed to the resto- ration of these public housing communities. Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of some of these marque projects recent- ly completed by Window City. Trent Tower, a 15-story building located in the heart of Trenton, New Jersey,

awarded Window City the complete window replace- ment project of more than 750 commercial windows. This project was included as part of the New Jersey HMFA weatherization pro- gram, which assisted in improving the conservation of energy for all units within the building using a heavy commercial aluminum win- dow. There is a tedious pro- cess in determining the correct window to be used for any given application.

With Trent Tower, engineering calculations were completed based on building height and geographical location to help support the window selection for this project. These calcula- tions are used to confirm the windowmeets the required de- sign wind loads. Design loads are based from a window that is within 10 feet from the cor- ner of the building at the high- est elevation. This section of the building normally receives the most stress from negative pressure and in turn provides the most accurate estimate of what commercial window will perform best in extreme conditions. Once structural and water requirements for the window have been met, the thermal properties of the window, specifically the glass, are considered in order to meet energy savings projections. Next, window color to improve aesthetics and ultra-lift bal- ances which meet the lift force maximums, are considered in order to best serve the resi- dents. Of course, not all buildings will use the same type of win- dow. Our project at Pilgrim Baptist Village in Newark, NJ required the replacement of more than 1200 windows with energy-efficient Alpen Fiber- glass windows. These windows used advanced, customized suspended coated film glazing to deliver performance equal to or greater than what can be achieved with traditional triple-pane windows. This cutting-edge fiberglass window allowed for more stability, efficiency and increased du- rability in a two-story garden apartment application making the implementation of green building and revitalization at Pilgrim Baptist Village a total success. Window City will be set up at booth number 104 to hand out information on what property managers should know about window replacement. Some of the company’s top architec- tural representatives will be present and ready to answer any questions attendees may have. The conference will be a great way to learn more about the goals and strategies each community hopes to adminis- ter. We look forward to exhib- iting at the show and cannot wait to meet all the attendees. Michael Mastroberti is president of WindowCity. n

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Michael Mastroberti

ferent window replacement projects on some of New Jersey’s public housing resi-


Harrison Gardens, Harrison, NJ

Trent Tower,Trenton, NJ

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