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Active in the Sediment Management Work Group GZA adds Beach as associate principal in Philadelphia office

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the Callahan Mine site. His project sites in the Midwest include the Ohio River, the Lower Rouge River, the De- troit River, the Buffalo River, the Kalamazoo River, and the Big River. In recent years, his projects have focused on evaluating upland sources of contamination, assessing potential contributions to Superfund rivers sites, and developing scientifically based advocacy positions used for al- location of liabilities. He has presented exten- sively in the field and is active in the Sediment Management Work Group (SMWG), and on the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) Contaminated Sediment Re- mediation Team. Rick is also a member of the team respon- sible for developing ASTM standards related to Sediment Remediation. He will lead the expansion of GZA’s Sediment Practice by le- veraging the company’s multi- disciplinary strengths and pro- active corporate philosophy to provide comprehensive solu- tions to sediment concerns for current and future clients. n American Architectural Window & Door . . community college, university, college, or trade school and the student’s primary residence must be in NJ. Students al- ready in school must have good grades and must be a resident in good standing at a member affordable housing community in NJ." The JAHMA Foundation has awarded $722,300 in grants and 122 students have gradu- ated from their programs while receiving JAHMA scholarship funds. Cash awards range from $1,000 to $4,000 every year. Students may apply every year; a first-time applicant will typi- cally receive between a $1,000 and $2,000 scholarship grant. Johnson explains, “Most of our applicants are non-traditional students and going back to school is not a cake walk. Some students are single mothers in their 20s who have teenage children. Others are parents who are studying for office certification so that they can better support their family. This means that in addition to studying, most of our students have jobs and raise children. n continued from page 18B

mental services to industry, attorneys, regulatory agen- cies, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, public agencies and marine researchers. He has a diverse and unique back- ground in the fields of contami- nated sediments, chemical oceanography, marine biology, analytical chemistry and nu- trient geochemistry. He has worked on many of the high profile federal Superfund sites involving sediment remediation in the Northeast including the lower Passaic River, Berry’s Creek, the Housatonic River, and

HILADELPHIA, PA GZA , amulti-disciplin- ary firm providing en-

vironmental, geotechnical, e c o l og i ca l , wa t e r and construction management services an- nounced that R i c h a r d B . Be a c h


Richard Beach

(Rick) has joined the com- pany’s Philadelphia office as an Associate Principal. Beach has nearly 40 years of experience providing environ-

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