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nterior landscaping has become a viable profes- sion which designs, ar- By Caroline Shelly, CID, LEED AP, HF Planners, LLC Headache #35 – Interior landscaping: tips for selecting and caring for plants in the office space I P lantscaping

elements, ornamental, and fo- cal points as well as the ability to help build brand awareness, and help attract and retain employees. Survey results from exten- sive research has proven that plants in the office space can decreases stress, boosts produc- tivity, inspires creativity, and improves air quality by reduc- ing carbon dioxide and filtering toxins. However, the addition of plants can bring on a host of ad- ditional headaches; from lack of sufficient lighting, insects, and mold due to over watering. In order to take advantage of the benefits that plants have to of-

fer in the workplace, it is best to develop a strategy which identi- fies which plants work best for the various work environments. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to interior landscap- ing or “plantscaping” the office environment. A primary factor in selecting a plant is light- ing. Labels on pots or planters indicate the best environment to help them flourish. Here are tips from experts for selecting and caring for plants in the office: • Full sun plants should take advantage of window locations. • The Bamboo Palm is famous

for filtering formaldehyde and flourishes in full sun or bright light. • Spider plants are easy to grow and benefit from bright, indirect sun. Partial sun plants can survive a distance from windows. • Boston Ferns are an ideal choice for this type of sun-light. They prefer the space to be cool with humidity, which can be a challenge for some offices spaces, particularly in the win- ter months. • Shade flourishing plants in- clude the Peace Lily. They are easy to grow and will flower for much of the summer. While

fraudulent emails • Communicate potential risks to clients • Instruct all parties of a trans- action to call before sending any wires, and to verbally confirm any email requesting NPI • Change Passwords Regularly Protecting Yourself if You are a Victim Unfortunately, there are times that prevention fails and you find yourself a victim. Insuring yourself and your company against potential losses can mean the difference between staying in business or being forced to close your doors. Many insurance com- panies offer Cyber Insurance policies to help defray costs associated with data breech, data restoration, cyber extor- tion, crisis management, and cost recovery and mitigation. As more cases emerge, the Federal Courts are divided as to whether the typical fidelity crime insurance policies pro- vide coverage for cybercrimes. (https://www.law360.com/arti- cles/961966) While researching coverage it is important to un- derstand your particular risks and to be insured against those risks. Some companies offer a complimentary assessment of your current vulnerabilities and will work with you as you continue to implement new systems. It is crucial to buyers and sellers and all the profession- als involved in a real estate transaction that a settlement agent take its role as guard- ian of confidential informa- tion as seriously as its role in safeguarding the funds being transferred. Matthew Cohen, Esq. is a principal and title officer of Two Rivers Title Co. n continued from page 9C MatthewCohen, Esq., Two Rivers Title • Keep allergy prone co-work- ers from outbreaks by staying away from flowering plants. • Office environments that are lit 10-18 hours a day can impact the life of plants. Additional watering may be required. Caroline Shelly, CID, LEED AP+BD-C, principal HF Planners, LLC. n they are relatively small in sizes, they pack some major air-cleaning skills. • Windowless workers should choose shade loving plants like Jade Plants.

ranges, and cares for liv- ing plants in enclosed en- vironments. I n t e r i o r Landscaping is the process of combining exterior en-

Caroline Shelly

vironments inside; interior spaces also have angles, plains, and horizons that are accentu- ated by the addition of plants. Interior landscapes enhance spaces with color, sculptural


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