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With five years of ukulele experience, Colin O ’ Brien from Calgary, Alberta, Canada said, “ I

love getting together to play in a group. ”

Canadian Ardis McNeil from Surrey, BC said, “ I have been playing ukulele for four years. I learned there was a ukulele circle at ORPS and decided to join. A friend at home loaned me a ukulele, taught me some chords and I was hooked. I now play every day and especially enjoy playing with the highly energetic Ukulele Crew! ” Peter Whalley from Leduc, Alberta, Canada is from a musical family of six kids. Singing was part of growing up. He started guitar and five string banjo at 13 and sang in a university male chorus. He said, “ Singing is what makes music so portable. It travels with you wherever you go. ” Marilyn Collins from Calgary, Alberta, Canada said, “ Three years ago I heard the ukulele group play at the Resorters end - of - the year concert. I thought they were having so much fun. The following year I joined as a beginner and now I continue as a ‘ wannabe ’, still having fun. ” Murray Hales also from Leduc, Alberta, Canada said, “ Although I have played keyboard instruments, I only took up the uke three years ago. I enjoy the music, fun and Take Overs on my accordion. ” Eileen Silvestri from Rathdrum, Idaho, U.S. played as a child and recently for 2 1/2 years. “ Watching more accomplished players is entertaining and encouraging. This group is a great way to meet fellow ORPS people while having fun. ” Jan Schoen and her husband Cyril from Crossfield, Alberta, Canada have played for two plus years and have learned a ton. Jan said, “ Who would have thought; we ’ re in a real band. ” Upcoming performances for The Ukulele Crew are March 9, 4:00 - 5:30 on the La Palma pool deck and March 20 at Chapel. For more information, contact Marilyn at

Americans & Canadians play awesome music as strummers in The Ukulele Crew There are so many musical skill levels in The Ukulele Crew, but everyone loves to sing and play music and this makes for an enthusiastic, talented and fun group. It ’ s time to get to know some of the 74 members of this resort activity. Cindy Wilson from Bend, Oregon has two years of ukulele experience and said, “ Music is the international language that anyone and everyone can love and enjoy. Ukulele has been that kind of experience and joy for me. It brings a smile to my face. ” Karen Gross from Kamloops BC, Canada said, “ I started with the ukulele group in January 2020. I

love it and it ’ s the most fun I have all week. ”

With 30 years experience on guitar and five on ukulele, Charles Hare of Leduc, Alberta, Cana- da said, “ It ’ s truly fun getting together with the group, singing, playing and socializing. We seem to get better each year and I look forward to coming back each year. ” Annette Gifford from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. has been strumming for about four years. “ This is the best Uke/Musical Group in the Valley. I love the blend of voices, the talented musicians and the variety of instruments our group plays. It is a great venue to improve your uke skills too. Our beginners are challenged and engaged. Playing with ORPS is my happy place and takes me to a new level. Our concerts are amazing. Thank you for the pleasure of your friendship, humor, energy and company. ” Julie Terpenning from Penticton, BC Canada said, “ I ’ ve played the guitar since I was about 13 and although the chords are different, it was a fairly easy transition when I took up the ukulele a few years ago. I also sing in a competitive a cappella women ’ s chorus based in Vancouver, so music is a big part of my life. I joined The Crew in the 2019/2020 season mainly to keep motivated and in touch with music while in the desert. What I didn ’ t realize was just how much fun it would be. Whether you ’ re a beginner or an experienced player, a performer who seeks the limelight, or one who prefers the group atmosphere, there ’ s a place for everyone. The variety of music, the dedication and positivity of all the members make our rehearsals a joyous, uplifting and inclusive experience. ” Ken Bittle from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada said, “ I first heard the ukulele group playing at a Hawaiian pool party when we rented in 2018. It just looked and sounded fun so I joined. It is one of the most enjoyable things I do at ORPS. I played ukulele, guitar and stand up bass many years ago but work got in the way. The Ukulele Crew has allowed me to resurrect those activities in retirement and in this great place! ”



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