March 2022 Oracle

How fast has the season flown by? A big thank you to all the committee members who ’ ve given their time to serve the resort in many capacities. Another big thank you to all our staff for their dedication to our Resort. Thank you to Vintage Landscape for keeping the resort looking so attractive. The Strategic Plan Facility Improvement Plan Opinion Survey was distributed to all owners last week. Please take some time to complete the opinion survey, if you haven ’ t already. It is so important for you to share your opinions on the ideas presented, the higher the owner participation rate, the more reliable the results. Once compiled the results will be shared with all owners. Last week saw the first ever, 4 - sport Can - Am Tournament. Participation was very high across all four sports. Thank you to the individual committees, the organizing committee and ORPS staff for making this such a successful event. And congratulations and thanks to Board V - P John Boudin for his commitment and efforts to make the event the success it was. Management, the accounting department and the Finance Committee are hard at work preparing the budget for the 2022 - 2023 fiscal year. Owners who want to better understand ORPS ’ finances are encouraged to attend, or Zoom in, the Finance Committee meetings. General Manager, Ed Vitrano, and Operations Manager, Sean Archer, are hard at work determining what areas of the Resort need attention this summer. Also, a reminder, Phase 2 of the three - year pavement rehabilitation plan will happen this summer. More details will be distributed as plans are firmed up. We are in the midst of voting for two new Director positions. The results will be announced and the new board will be seated at the Association ’ s Annual General Meeting scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2022. Good luck to Kristen Damazio, Charles Leahy and Terry Leigh. I would like to thank the Directors for their dedication and hard work this past year, in service to the Association. And last but not least, I want to thank our General Manager, Ed Vitrano. It ’ s been a privilege working with and learning from Ed these past two years. With Ed at the helm, we are in good hands. Thank you. And to all owners, travel safely as you head home, or to wherever your summer travels take you.

The Toy Department of Life Even when I was a Lifestyle Director at the beginning of my career, I proudly admitted that I was in charge of the “ Toy Department ” of the community. I ’ ve always thought that it is the activities of a community which indicates the health of its heart. I recently visited several RV resorts in the Valley, and while the properties were well - maintained, I noticed a significant absence of golf carts and walkers (some with dogs) on streets, emptiness of tennis and pickleball courts and no line up of golfers on their golf courses. When I arrived “ home, ” I looked again and yes . . . ORPS was teeming with activity. It put a smile on my face. While “ lifestyle ” may not add monetary value to properties, it adds significantly to quality of life of those who Own. When you read this a new tradition will have been set . . CanAm Week. Never has Golf/Tennis/Pickleball/ Cornhole been energized on such a large scale! The spirit of competition and the friendly rivalry sent a tsunami of enthusiasm and cooperation throughout the Resort. From the Opening Ceremonies to the Closing, the place was alive. National Anthems were heartily sung and respected, the cart parade had almost 50 entries and Cornhole (a “ Demonstration Sport ” this year) led off the games with more than 100 participants. More than 175 golfers, almost 275 pickleball players and more than 100 tennis players rounded out the participant level. Including the groups like Ukulele and Bingo who staged their gatherings with a CanAm theme, and the spectators who enthusiastically supported their nation ’ s endeavors, even along the parade route, it is safe to say more than 1,000 residents enjoyed the week - long event. Even the popular Singo had a CanAm theme for the week! I can ’ t help but encourage the same type of cooperation in debates over issues in the community. From the election currently underway to the periodic changes in the Rules & Regulations to the opportunity to improve the amenities, I urge spirited exchanges while checking emotion and ego at the door. Let not friendships end over such exchanges. Respectful disagreement is an art which should be practiced at all times. Even if your candidate, your issue or viewpoint or your side doesn ’ t win, stand by your principles but let it go. No one is buoyed by continual picking on the scab of defeat. Move on for the good of the community and your own well - being. Years from now, I ’ m confident that folks will look back and thank all of those who took part in the concept, organization and staging of the CanAm Games, which was Director John Boudin ’ s brainchild. Well done, John. When budgeting, I will always urge Boards to protect the Toy Department, as it is the very oxygen which keeps a sense of community alive. Thanks to all for adding to the Toy Chest of life. I dare anybody to challenge the health of ORPS heart. Ed Vitrano General Manager

Don Renoe Board President



MARCH 2022

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