BBC Mailer 3

I love this story just all by itself. It could be presented as just black type on a white background and I would be happy to share it. These beautiful illustrations give the story a presence it doesn’t have in just type. Julie has illustrated several of my Very Short Stories. This is the only one (so far) illustrated as its own book. The others are all in single page or single spread format. When we approach illustrating a new story, Julie always asks, “What do you want?” and I always say, “I want you to paint what comes to mind when you read the story.” Whenever I give an artist or graphic artist directions, they always produce something better that I thought to ask for. So, working with Julie, I just let her start with her own ideas. And I always love the results! One of her ideas with this story is the story-within-the -story of the birds and the rats that plays out on the right-facing text page (the restrictions of ebook formatting hasn’t allowed us to include them there). The illustrations on the Chapter pages come fromMichael Grimes’ interpration of my fondness for carpet pages in Medieval books. Michael found elements form each Chapter’s illustrations to use as a theme for a repeating pattern. I think they all turned out great. This is the third and final installment of Blue Beach Cap for this promotion. Now you can read the whole story from start to finish. The whole story in this format will be available to view for a month. Why would we share the whole story from a book we want you to purchase? Well, in a store you could read through the whole thing if you wanted. Click here to buy the print version of the book - or click here to buy the electronic version People who already know how The Cat in the Hat or The Wind in the Willows ends still buy copies to read when they feel like experiencing those stories - or sharing them with someone - again. Our hope is that once you read it, the story will stick with you, and you will want to have the book around so that you can dive back into the story from time to time. For instance, I have a copy of Go Dog Go in my Kindle account, and I read it every time I travel by airplane somewhere. I hope you enjoy the story in its entirety, and that you think about the transitions in your life - past, present, and yet to come.

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