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FSCC – Description of Organization 2015

Fresh Start Comprehensive Center

Description of Organization

At Fresh Start Comprehensive Center (FSCC) we believe in the new disease concept for treating our clients. This concept offers a framework through which we can meet the needs of our clients by strategically integrating the resources of multiple formal (professional) and indigenous helping institutions. Multiple problem clients have become the norm in addiction treatment agencies across the country and Baltimore City is no different. These clients, many with long and complicated service histories, have not done well in our current categorical segregated service systems. Clients often complain about service exclusion, service extrusion, premature service disengagement, repeated episodes that were at the most harmful and at the least unbeneficial. At FSCC we believe addition, mental health and other acute and chronic disorders (co-occurring) can be treated best by integrated models of care for the multiple problem client/family. Integrated Services FSCC will offer our clients integrated services to address their mental health, substance abuse and somatic are needs. Our staff, partner agencies and consultants will use their expertise and direct client care experience to help the population we serve to help better understand and manage their conditions. Our state-of-the-art program will use the latest assessment tools, clinical interventions and treatments to provide outpatient services. We use through and accurate documentation of client’s progress using a problem-oriented record system. Each client’s treatment team plan reviews are developed and their progress is recorded. We educate clients diagnosed with a variety of illnesses to better understand and manage their conditions (including pregnant addicted women). We use discharge planning skills to promote independence, maximize function and return clients back to optimum health (both physically and mentally). We will assist our clients by offering services that will meet their needs within our facility and outside agencies we have partnered with. Once clients have met as many needs as they can we will offer them referrals to outside agencies recommended by our treatment team and follow-up to ensure services were received.

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