Iridium Spa Brochure 2023 – St. Regis Maldives


ANAHATA 120 minutes | USD 400 per person

AJNA 120 minutes | USD 400 per person

The heart chakra – is located in the chest. It is the centre of unconditional love and governs forgiveness, generosity and well-being. Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus gland. A balanced heart chakra helps to free us, giving us the space we need to heal, and awakening us to unconditional love. It develops strength and immunity and nurtures peacefulness. This tender combination of foot wash, warmed poppy seed and salt scrub, lymphatic massage and healing heart work using rose oil and warmed rose quartz, gently reconnects the body and mind to inner peace and stillness.

The third-eye chakra – is located in the centre of the forehead. Responsible for physical sight, and spiritual insight, it also deals with perception and intuition, imagination, concentration and peace of mind. This treatment assists in opening the third eye, which allows us to continue to look, to see beyond, to perceive deeper patterns and meaning. This blessing involves guided breathing techniques to stabilize your Pranic energy and a pearl and jasmine scrub and pure amethyst body wrap to deeply relax the nervous system. This is followed by a delicate Ajna facial using precious gems, crystal elements and three types of gold to raise the spirit’s vibration into the third eye. Light and sonic wave therapy treats the skin deeply and washes the internal screen of the third eye where memory, fantasy, imagination and images intertwine.

VISSUDHA 120 minutes | USD 400 per person

The throat chakra – is located in the centre of the neck. It governs our communication and self-expression and is linked to creativity and honesty. It also encourages strong leadership. A strong throat chakra embodies the spirit of truth and intuition; when it is weak or low in energy, our thoughts become unstable and our sleep patterns are disturbed. This journey entails a purifying palo santo smoke ritual, cleansing body scrub, cocooning of nourishing body balm and a multi- layered, rejuvenating facial therapy. Using a synergistic blend of oils to awaken the blissful higher energy of the whole body, this very subtle facial will totally rejuvenate the skin with radiant energy as well as calming the mind, promoting restful sleep and dreams.

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