Iridium Spa Brochure 2023 – St. Regis Maldives


ELECTRO ACUPUNCTURE 60 minutes | USD 150 per person


Balance the body’s systems with this treatment that targets excess puffiness and dull-looking skin by building qi (energy) and supporting circulation through acupuncture points on the face. Each package includes a personalized consultation, daily sessions and the option to amplify the experience with a coveted Caviar Facial. This age-defying skincare ritual features protein-rich caviar and powerful marine actives to firm and refine skin tone and condition for the ultimate wellness journey.

This widely practiced form of traditional Chinese medicine restarts the flow of qi (energy) to keep the body in balance and promote healing from within. During this treatment, guests can experience the stimulation of specific pressure points through an electric pulse generated with tiny needles to loosen muscles, reduce pain and increase circulation. This invigorating boost offered in a relaxing environment is ideal for supporting workout recovery as well as overall health and well-being.

5 Day Package USD 650 per person | USD 975 with addition for Caviar Facial (optional) (includes personalized consultation + 4 sessions) 7 Day Package USD 900 per person | USD 1250 with addition for Caviar Facial (optional) (includes personalized consultation + 6 sessions) 14 Day Package USD 1700 per person | USD 2000 with addition for Caviar Facial (optional) (includes personalized consultation +13 sessions)

AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE 45 minutes | USD 120 per person

This therapeutic treatment harmonizes qi (energy) by stimulating the acupuncture points located on the ears, a meeting point of all the energetic channels of the human body. Similar to reflexology, this technique helps with pain relief and calming the mind. Guests can enjoy this as a stand-alone experience or combine it with other whole body treatments to reinforce the therapy and enhance overall healing and benefits.

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