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Trust news ‘Weigh Forward Bucks’ becomes ‘Way Forward Bucks’

Way Forward Bucks (WFB), part of Healthy Minds Bucks and run in collaboration with Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust, is the new name for the Tier-Three weight management service. After listening carefully to client’s feedback, the service has moved away from focusing solely on weight loss as a measure of success and has taken the opportunity to relaunch and rebrand. Tom Coates, WFB Lead and CBT Therapist at Healthy Minds, Bucks said: “Way Forward recognises the significance of other health gains that come with a healthier lifestyle and celebrates the ‘non - scale victories’ of positive change to diet, mindset and activity. “Clients have reported improvements such as, better blood results, reducing their medications and feeling less breathless and more confident. “Way Forward Bucks is constantly improving and updating our service in line with current research, recommendations and feedback from our service users.”

Why ‘ Way Forward Bucks? ’ Firstly, the service wants to ensure that these health gains are recognised, even at times when no weight loss is seen by the individual. Secondly, due to weight stigma, focusing on weight loss may trigger feelings of failure and push individuals back into patterns of harmful ‘yo -yo dieting’, unhealthy behaviours or avoiding health services altogether. When will this take effect? Way Forward Bucks’ new name and logo now appears on all of its promotional materials. Click here for further information and visit the Healthy Minds webpage to learn more about improving your wellbeing. therapy and how you can best support and signpost people who would benefit from treatment. These online sessions include an overview of the service remit, referral criteria, treatments offered, staff roles and future developments. There is also plenty of opportunity for questions. Colleagues are welcome from all professional backgrounds including emergency services, GPs, third sector colleagues, schools, and community groups and clubs.

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Our NHS talking therapy services are supporting people in our communities by training and informing other professionals who work with people locally. TalkingSpace Plus in Oxfordshire and Healthy Minds in Buckinghamshire run regular open events for professionals from all backgrounds and disciplines. It’s an opportunity to learn about local NHS talking

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