Marvel Superheroes | Commemorative Edition

I N MEMORY O F STAN L E E ( 1922- 20 1 8 )

If there’s one thing that jumps from the pages of Stan Lee’s comic books – more so even than his fantastic superheroes – it is courage, and the tireless pursuit of justice. The bravery to speak for those whose voices were unheard, and the conviction to stay strong when those opposing him sought to ensure silence. Through his comic books, Stan opened our eyes to a world where good will always triumph over evil. And as we remember his legend, we are humbled to present Marvel Superheroes, a commemorative series of six hand-signed limited edition prints featuring some of his most popular characters. Almost 80 years after he first signed his name as ‘Stan Lee’ for a byline on the 1941 debut of Captain America, we welcome the super soldier once again in this exclusive release, alongside The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man and the Hulk. These iconic comic book covers pay homage to the larger-than-life heroes created by some of the greatest artists to emerge from the industry.

Stan Lee’s creations are ever-evolving as they transcend generations. What once only existed in the well-loved pages of comic books is rendered in CGI in Hollywood blockbusters. Yet nothing will ever compare – in honesty or craftsmanship – to the original illustrations. Our collection is a celebration of a life-long passion for depicting the truth. Stan was not only the editor-in- chief of Marvel Comics, and latterly made Chairman Emeritus, but a guiding voice for generations who needed to hear that it was okay to be different. As we salute his life and mourn his passing, we remember his touching words: “I feel that if you’re able to entertain, you’re doing a good thing.” Ian Weatherby-Blythe Group Managing Director of Washington Green & Castle Fine Art

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