One-Side Protection One-side protection contains only one isolating and backing washer (single washer) per bolt (Figure 6). Use these kits in conjunction with an overall cathodic protection system such as an anode bed or impressed current system. In these systems, one side kits (sometimes called single washer kits) isolate sections of the cathodic protection system. Location of the isolating washer under either the bolt head or the nut depends on the side of the flange protected by the cathodic protection system. Two-Side Protection Two-side kits (sometimes called double washer kits) contain two isolating and backing washers per bolt installed on both sides of the flange. Two-side kits solely electrically isolate two flanges.

Component selection begins with determining the operating conditions of media, temperature, and required dielectric performance. The insulating gasket also has to act as a seal so depending on the conditions an optimization decision may have to be made. A gasket that is suitable for the media and temperature may not provide the maximum dielectric insulation. The sleeves and washers must also be selected to the maximum operating temperature condition. When choosing a O-ring sealing element gasket with a glass composite retainer, consider the effect of an ambient thermal transient distribution on the retainer’s flexural modulus. Finally, the type of protection, either isolation from a galvanic cell, or as part of a cathodic protection system will determine the number of flange sides that will be protected.

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