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Coco is an international holistic healer who studied with a higher Zen monk in Japan for a decade before traveling the world to share the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. She helps others to achieve transformational growth, inner peace, improved health, radiance, and beauty. Coco offers life-transforming energy healing therapy and yogic practices that establish your “energy body” channels creating full flow and balance in your prana and life force energy. She helps you to move the blocked energy in your body caused by stress and emotion, so that your body feels refreshed and your heart feels happy.


Discover Kundalini Yoga 40 mins for $185++ | 60 mins for $250++ | 75 mins $295++ Meditation for Busy People 60 mins for $250++ Yoga & Meditation for Kids 40 mins for $150++ Face Yoga 30 mins for $185++ | 60 mins for $250++ Reiki 60 mins for $250++ Sacred Internal Organs Hara Massage 15 mins for $150++ | 30 mins for $285++ Sacred Womb Hara Massage

15 mins for $150++ | 30 mins for $285++ Life Healing Journey Programme 3 hrs for $850++

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