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Megaport router enables Layer 3 connectivity

Global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, Megaport, has launched its Megaport Cloud Router, a virtual router service that enables customers to rapidly and privately connect at Layer 3 without the need to own or manage routers or physical infrastructure. By removing administrative and ownership complexities, Megaport says it is making it easier for companies to connect to cloud services, expand their service footprint Ecosystem partners around the world without the need to physically deploy network infrastructure. “As a Network as a Service company, it’s imperative that Megaport continues to innovate solutions that abstract complexities in the network buying experience,” said Vincent English, the company’s Chief Executive Ocer. “We’ve moved further up the stack by expanding our SDN’s capabilities to address Layer 3 IP routing and support a POET well versed in optical interposers through virtual Points of Presence and peer with Optoelectronic devices developer, POET Technologies, has announced a novel optical interposer platform, which facilitates the co-packaging of electronics and optics in a single multi-chip module (MCM). Based on its previously announced dielectric waveguide technology, POET’s optical interposer provides the ability to run electrical and optical interconnections side-by- side on the same interposer chip, at a micrometre scale. The optical interposer

broader set of customers with varying technical capabilities and business needs. With Megaport Cloud Router, there’s no need for a deep understanding of Layer 3 intricacies to take advantage of IP routing features.” ‘BEYOND THE CONSTRAINTS OF PHYSICAL NETWORK’ English added, “Our customers can move beyond the constraints of their physical network and rapidly establish virtual Points of Presence to unlock unique peering and interconnection opportunities around the world. We’re excited to continue innovating new services to address new market segments and empower the next phase of cloud and network growth.” MCR provides cost savings, agility, and secure connectivity without the need for a data centre presence. The service provides the ability to connect two or more CSPs for cloud to cloud connectivity, enables packet forwarding, and empowers intelligent routing decisions. represents an integral part of POET’s hybrid integrated optical engines and leverages the manufacturing processes and unique capabilities of its dielectric waveguides. POET noted that, as the need for higher data transfer speeds at greater baud rates and lower power levels increases, optics will move increasingly closer to the source of the data, whether it be a processor, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or field programmable gate array (FPGA). The platform enables an optoelectronic interconnect fabric to interface directly with the source of data to support high-speed optical data transfer from within the MCM and the company believe the product, targeting 100G transceiver applications, is readily scalable to 200G and 400G transceiver products with minimal incremental cost.

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