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FAST, RELIABLE AND COSTEFFECTIVE FTTP DEPLOYMENT Alma is a Spanish cable operator providing broadband, communications and interactive entertainment services to residential and business customers in the municipality and the city of Almansa in southeast Spain. Since the award of its licence 20 years ago, Alma’s hybrid fibre coax (HFC) network has been delivering multichannel television and a range of telecommunications services. The company was one of the first cable operators in Spain to deploy DOCSIS over its HFC network to deliver advanced data and Internet services. With 80 percent market share the company aims to continuously provide customers with the most advanced services. This desire led the company to evaluate how to provision a next-generation network infrastructure in order to stay ahead of its competitors. Customers were driving technologies and networks in new ways; increasingly using bandwidth-hungry applications, as well as watching multiple TV channels in dierent rooms within a household. As such, Alma pursued a strategy to increase the capacity and performance of its network infrastructure and enable more advanced user applications in the future. The network upgrade needed to meet a number of essential objectives: ● Deliver cutting-edge interactive cable television, advanced voice services and superfast broadband Internet access. ● Provide a future-ready infrastructure with seamless upgradability for future applications and technologies as they evolve. ● Provide new services as eciently as possible with high reliability and minimum disruption to its customers. FIBRE TO THE PREMISES Alma analysed and evaluated a variety of solutions tendered by a number of solution providers. The Corning outside plant (OSP) solution for FTTP tendered by bcSistemas was chosen for the cabling infrastructure as it demonstrated best value with respect to the project requirements. Servando Sanchez, General Manager at Alma, commented, “Corning’s solution met the desired requirements. It ensures an optimal deployment time together with a robust and reliable network that enables the delivery of increasingly demanding service speeds, at minimum operation and maintenance cost.” Sistemas has worked closely with Alma from the outset and, as its preferred integrator, has accompanied the operator in its pioneering deployments of advanced networks. With the new FTTP solution, Alma was committed to bringing fibre to every home and business to meet greater capacity demands for delivering innovative new applications. At the same time it could be deployed cost-eectively by making use of the existing cable ducts of its HFC network. In addition, deployment using a Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) architecture would provide the scalability for future growth, while avoiding the need for any active electronics in the outside plant.

High tension: Today’s optical fibres and cables have to cope with harsh physical and electrostatic conditions.



ISSUE 12 | Q1 2018

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