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OptoTest introduces advancements in multichannel meters

The Intel Silicon Photonics 100G CWDM4 QSFP28 optical transceiver is a small form-factor, high speed and low power consumption product, targeted for use in optical interconnects for data communications applications. The high bandwidth module supports 100GbE Intel delivers reach with QSFP28

OP740 is the latest advancement in multichannel high-speed optical power meters. This unit boasts sampling rates of up to 10,000 samples per second and is available with up to 24 channels per unit. The OP740 retains many of the existing specifications of the current OP710 optical power meter, while introducing features such as variable sampling rate and

simultaneous multichannel display. The full color touchscreen display allows the user to view multiple channels of power readings at the same time without using software and simplify test procedures through the front panel. Variable sampling rates allows operators to adjust sampling speed of the unit to match the needs of their tests. Another new feature of the OP740 is the inclusion of a USB 3.1 port to

optical links over single-mode fibre, is compliant with CWDM4 MSA optical interface specifications and delivers reach up to 500m, 2km, or 10km.

support the increased sampling rates. A USB 2.0 port is available on all OP740s for backwards compatibility and integration into existing systems.

Yokogawa adds power

Albis Optoelectronics has announced that they will use this year’s OFC to showcase a new PDCS12T-TPW photodiode chip targeting 56 Gbaud PAM-4 and 100G Single Lambda applications. The small sized chip oers excellent responsivity of 0.6 A/W at 1310nm. The ground- signal-ground pad configuration enables easy and direct bonding to any TIA pad layout. All of the company’s photodiode products are completely manufactured in-house, in a dedicated clean-room facility. Product highlights include: PIN photodiodes for 10G, 25G and 40G digital and analogue receivers; Low bias, top illuminated APDs for 2.5G and 10G OLT/ONUs; 25G APDs for 28 Gbaud PAM-4 and 100GBASE-ER4 applications; Side- illuminated monitor diodes and monitor diode arrays; Photodiodes with integrated lenses and optical filters; And hermetically packaged, short and long Albis presents new 56 Gbaud PAM-4 photodiode

uncertainty of ±1.8%, high stability with constant-temperature control and a wide single-range power range of 30 dB. “With the launch of the new optical sensor head, Yokogawa is expanding its multi- application modular optical test platform in line with market demands for higher-speed automatic testing of optical devices in free space, which helps to reduce testing time - and hence costs - compared to fibre-coupled tests.”, said Terry Marrinan, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Yokogawa Europe & South- East Asia: “Post-production testing of laser diodes needs to be fast because the increasing market demand requires higher quantities and cheaper products, and the fastest way to measure their output is by measuring it in free space to eliminate the time involved in connecting and disconnecting the optical fibre to each laser produced.”

meters to its range

Yokogawa has added the AQ2200-232 to its existing family of power meter modules (AQ2200-215 and AQ2200- 221) in the company’s modular optical test platform. The AQ2200-232 sensor head is used in conjunction with the dual- port AQ2200-202 interface module and is targeted at making accurate measurements in challenging applications such as power testing of laser chips in free space light, I/L curve measurement of laser-diode modules and multicore fibre measurements (with an MPO connector adapter). Key features are a 5 mm diameter cooled detector, a wavelength measurement range

from 800 to 1700 nm and a power measurement range of +15 to -90 dBm. It also oers

wavelength microwave photodetectors up to 30 GHz.


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