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Quick and easy with 3M 3M oers compact, craft friendly fibre optic enclosures, which are designed for quick and easy installations as well as for convenient maintenance. The BPEO concept oers closures or terminal boxes for dierent network applications. The range consists of classic watertight IP68 protected black closures for below ground installation as well as light grey terminal boxes with IP56 protection for aerial applications. The ECAM cable entry system is a 100% mechanical system that does not require the use of heat or electrical power. No special tools are required to complete either the single cable or dual cable assemblies. A watertight cable entry can be obtained without any specific training. Following a new market trend, additional versions of the BPEO enclosures with internal drop connectivity have been developed. This enables the network owner/installer to realise a concept without the need to store excess drop cable because the drops can be cut to the appropriate length and be terminated in the field with standard SC field mount connectors (FMC´s) by keeping full IP68 water tightness. The SC couplings are held by a faceplate inside of the closure. As a logical consequence of the new flexible network designs, special versions of the internal connect closures also oer integrated PLC-splitters with dierent channel counts. The splitters are placed in a dedicated position in the closure. All 250µm splitter legs are protected and guided inside the universal organiser, and stored with labels in separate splice cassettes.

ProLabs powers ecient connectivity with SiOB technology

Using SiOB technology – a free-space optical interconnect technology utilising a silicon-based 45° micro-reflector to align the laser to the fibre medium – the transceiver deconstructs the TOSA and ROSA, eliminating the need for the optical lens and a shorter optical path. The optical path reduces to less than 200m versus the conventional approach which is greater than 500m. This is a 60% reduction in the optical path resulting in lower power consumption and less heat dissipation. In a QSFP28-100G-SR4, power consumption with the SiOB approach provides a maximum of 2.5W, compared to 3.5W in a conventional transceiver. ProLabs stated that, in typical operations, solution consume under 2.0W, more than 30% reduction in power consumption that translates into a reduction in power consumed (kwh/y) by the transceivers and the cooling systems required.

The ProLabs Green transceiver is a 100Gbps optical pluggable transceiver compliant with IEEE 802.3bm 100GBase-SR4 CAUI-4 and QSFP28 MSA. It supports short reach 100M optical link with very low power consumption typically less than 2 watts, significantly reducing data centre operating expense.

Iskratel unveils next-gen PON solutions

Iskratel has announced two new universal next-generation PON solutions – the 8-port multi-PON blade and the 16-port GPON blade. The company says these products are designed to facilitate a profitable and controlled upgrade to next-generation networks, such as NG-PON2 and XGS-PON. The 8-port multi-PON blade simultaneously supports NG-PON2 and XGS-PON technologies, without the need to replace current PON infrastructure. The NG-PON blade is said to be flexible enough for operators to build on their existing GPON shelves, providing a pay-as-you-grow, gradual expansion to next-generation networks. “Operators are looking to upgrade their networks to be able to oer competitive broadband services which keep up with

growing bandwidth demands, without the hassle of replacing their current optical infrastructure – and this is exactly what our latest advancements in our PON solutions enable,” says Iskratel CTO Damjan Slapar. “Our solutions ensure complete reuse of existing infrastructure and coexist with previously employed PON technologies, empowering operators to remain ahead of user demands, as needs develop and use cases dictate.” Both the 8-port multi-PON blade and the 16-port GPON blade were unveiled for the first time at this year’s FTTH Conference in Spain. During the event, Iskratel also revealed

its new Innbox G108 home gateways, which complement access to Gigabit,

ultra-broadband services over NG-PON by providing the experience of Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the premises.


| ISSUE 12 | Q1 2018


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