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Slice of light: Vodafone Ireland and Huawei partition FTTH access

software systems, and can be separately managed and configured. “Vodafone has deployed several FTTH networks around the world, and many of these are with partners,” points out Matt Beal, Director of Strategy & Architecture, Vodafone Group Technology. “Virtualisation of the fixed access network will help us build and fill FTTH networks in a more cost-eective way that takes advantage of new operating models where both Vodafone and its deployment partners are able to dierentiate their services over the shared fibre infrastructure. customers with an unrivalled network experience and preparing our networks for future growth.” Serge Willenegger, Senior VP and General Manager, 4G/5G and Industrial IoT, Qualcomm Wireless, commented, “By setting this major industry milestone, we’re helping operators fully home networking with data rates of up to 1 Gbps and operations over three types of legacy wires: telephone wiring, coaxial cables and power lines. A single G.hn semiconductor device is able to network over any of the supported home wire types. Frank Schwammberger, industry executive at IBM, said: “The scale of this project, combined with the fact that it will be operating over a high performance network, makes it one of the leading projects in the industry, and a great example of true broadband implementation of IoT.” Around 33m customers purchase gas and electricity from E.ON. mobilize their spectrum assets and maximize the capacity of their Gigabit LTE networks and allowing mobile device makers to oer consumers a preview of new services soon expected to be enabled with 5G networks.”

equipment requirements for Fixed Access Network Sharing (FANS) have only recently been standardised by the Broadband Forum in its TR-370 Technical Report, which was led by Vodafone Group. The virtual access network trial was carried out on Huawei’s MA5800, a new- generation smart Optical Line Terminal (OLT). The MA5800 uses a distributed architecture, similar to a core router, which can partition a physical OLT into multiple logically-independent virtual OLTs. Dierent logical

Vodafone and Huawei have conducted a successful field trial of fixed access network slicing. The test was carried out at Vodafone Ireland with Huawei teams supporting the joint initiative. Separate consumer and enterprise

virtual network slices were created on a live FTTH network. The consumer slice carried broadband Internet and Vodafone TV services whereas the enterprise slice carried OneNet business services, including voice. The architecture and

OLTs have independent hardware resources and

Telstra, Ericsson, QualcommandNetgear achieve 2Gigabit 4G speeds in live demo

A consortium of optical telecoms and mobile technology firms Telstra, Ericsson, Netgear and Qualcomm Technologies have achieved what they call “record-breaking 4G speeds of up to 2 Gigabits per second” in recent lab testing using a new commercially- announced chipset. The top speeds are made possible using Ericsson’s

Snapdragon X24 LTE modem, the world's first-announced Category 20 LTE modem. Telstra’s Group Managing Director of Networks Mike Wright commented, “Following Telstra’s world first Gigabit-enabled network launch in 2017, we are delighted to again be partnering with Ericsson and Qualcomm to double these speeds. This achievement demonstrates our continued LTE innovation, providing our

LTE network software. The high speeds are enabled by aggregating five 20 MHz LTE carriers across three dierent frequency bands with each carrier using 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM technologies. The February 2018 demonstration saw 2Gbps speeds achieved by aggregating 100MHz of spectrum across the bands 1, 3 and 7, using a NETGEAR Nighthawk mobile router equipped with Qualcomm

Baseband 6630, Radio 4415, and latest Gigabit

E.ON uses broadband over powerline to deliver IoT smart metering

International energy utility E.ON is now using broadband over powerline as a key communications technology to deliver smart metering connections to customers in Germany. E.ON has chosen Corinex as its solution provider for an initial two year deployment.

be used to manage the network. Elmar Peine, responsible for telecommunication infrastructure at E.ON in Germany, said: “After extensive field trials, we found that Corinex broadband over powerline technology meets our requirements for the mass roll-out of smart metering services. ‘INDUSTRY STANDARDISATION’ “We are convinced BPL is ideally suited to address the needs of many other utilities, so E.ON is interested

in supporting BPL industry standardisation in order to create a broad ecosystem of silicon and system vendors.” Peter Sobotka, CEO of Corinex, said: “We are part of an E.ON technology strategy, addressing the advanced German energy market, leading in penetration of renewables, the toughest security requirements and sophisticated load management designed for each household. Corinex, building on its leadership in BPL, is also committed to bringing in G.hn for utilities.” G.hn is a specification for

The deployment will see tens of thousands of repeaters and head ends providing secure communications for

200,000 households as part of the major BPL roll-out. Corinex Grid Value network management based on the IBM Tivoli platform will



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