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JULY 2017

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Down with extreme diet and exercise programs! Join Dr. Yoo’s LiteMed Weightloss System™, and you’ll discover how to melt away stubborn body fat the right way. It’s safe, easy, and effective — and Dr. Yoo will guide you through every step of the way. VISIT US at litemedweightloss.com to sign up today! Are you serious about losing weight? Hollywood portrays Navy SEALS as these big, buff superstuds who are men of action and not of cognitive reasoning and strategy. In reality, these men were powerful, but they were also quiet, intelligent, and observant. They might look like football players, but when you talk to them, you know they aren’t just there for their physical prowess. They became the world’s most elite soldiers due to mental toughness and teamwork skills. My associate talked to them about training methods, diet, and supplementation for peak performance. Meanwhile, I taught them CrossFit exercises and also gave them chiropractic treatment at the military clinic. When I left, I was confident they had a better understanding of how to keep their bodies in prime condition. I would never presume to do the noble work of When I think of America and the freedoms we enjoy, my thoughts turn to our men and women in uniform. Our military keeps us safe and secures liberty around the world. The ink dried on the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago this month, and since then, the United States has built a legacy of having the world’s best soldiers. Three years ago, I was able to see that firsthand. I was invited to treat one of our Navy SEAL teams at their base at the Naval Warfare Center in Norfolk, Virginia. An associate and former NFL player went to lecture them on ways to improve their performance through correct exercise and diet, and I went along to treat and train them. What I observed while I was there gave me a better perspective on our brave servicemen and women.

Here I am in my Top Gun jacket feeling safe and secure between two Navy Seals whom I sponsor by providing my laser therapy services.

a soldier, but it was still rewarding to do my small part in keeping America, and the world, safe.

PAIN RELIEF SECRETS WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY PAINFREE,ACTIVE,&HEALTHYMENTALLIVINGWITHOUTDRUGS, INJECTIONS,ORSURGERY P N THENON-DRUGPAINRELIEVINGMEDICALBREAKTHROUGHDOCTORSAREN’TTALKINGABOUT! As a doctor, father, and coach, I see the value of teamwork every day. Families, communities, and nations are stronger when we exercise mental toughness and collaborate. It was true for those Navy SEALS, and I believe it’s true for us, as well. Any opportunity I have to help or represent our great country is a blessing to me. I feel the same way about my experience volunteering at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. There, I was able to witness the kind of teamwork and patriotism that makes our country and military so strong.



May God bless our brave soldiers, and may God bless this country. Happy Independence Day!

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

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