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Paul Hiltz, NCH Opens a New Chapter With Ceo

After a long search, NCH Healthcare System has a new CEO. The interview process was conducted over several months and included top-quality candidates fromacross the nation, before landing on Paul Hiltz, FACHE, a health system veteran and believer in community institutions.

N CH hired the globally renowned search firm Russell Reynolds Associates to lead the executive search and had an independent search committee work together with Russell Reynolds to identify the best candidates that matched their criteria. The search committee included representatives from the community such as employed and independent physicians, and NCH board members. “The search began with 100 candidates,” says Board Member Kevin Beebe. “From there we whittled that talent pool down to 11. Then we eliminated five candidates – that was the quarterfinals – and then we got it down to the semifinals with two people. Of course, Paul was the choice.” Hiltz has over 25 years of experience in the health industry, and previously served as CEO of Mercy Medical Center in Canton, OH before moving to Naples. Although Hiltz’s official first day at NCH was on September 3, 2019, he already visited the community and toured all three campuses in early August for multiple meet-and- greet receptions with NCH staff, a medical staff meeting, and a press conference with members of the local media. Hiltz is bringing his “C’s” approach (Community, Collaboration, Connection) to Naples and will lead NCH into a new era of collaboration with the community. “The collaboration piece is something that I've built into my career,” says Hiltz. “I just was speaking with a couple of the physicians and I said, ‘Look, the good administrators are servant leaders. They work for the clinical staff. They try to make things easier.’ My intention would be to make this organization a great place to practice medicine, a great place to work, including practicing nursing as a profession, and a great place to be a patient. If we as a team treat each other like family, and we treat our patients like we would want our family members treated, and if we treat the organization as our home, then we're going to win.”

Hiltz puts his “C’s” to work in everything he does. While in Ohio, Hiltz and his wife, Kris, were part of community non-profits and charitable organizations, and they expect to do the same in Naples. Kris Hiltz also has a heart for philanthropy and has spent her career serving others through volunteering organizations. Hiltz puts a high level of importance on collaboration and connection and plans to lead NCH through transparency and openness with all staff and community members of Naples. “I think one of the things that's vitally important in healthcare right now is that notion of being connected to the community, because healthcare is a team sport, for sure,” says Hiltz. “You can't do everything inside the four walls of a hospital. It has to be connected to the public health agencies and other community partners. I'll be building on the great connections NCH already started with. Those are some of the things that I think would be a hallmark of our working together. If we can do that, I think we've got a wildly successful future.” “We’re going to be moving NCH into the Leap Frog A, to the CMS 5-star, and other publicly reported metrics that verify we are, in fact, one of the best in the country.” In addition to improving the public metrics of NCH, Hiltz plans on implementing a “pluralistic approach” to administration that focuses on better relationships with on-staff physicians as well as the independent physician community, nurses and technicians. Hiltz believes that NCH has an amazing advantage when it comes to relationships put in place throughout the community and wants to continue improving those efforts through philanthropy, fundraising and development. In addition to his personal mantras, Hiltz’s vision for NCH draws directly from the Naples Community Hospital mission. This statement has made NCH a leader in the community for years, and Hiltz sees it as a cornerstone for moving forward. “I love the mission that NCH has here to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. I think we, as a team, if we can build these relationships in our community, we're going to have a lot more fun,” says Hiltz. “We're going to do a better job of taking care of our community.” What does the future of NCH look like? Hiltz has some ideas.

This introduces another “C” of the Hiltz philosophy–the one that impacted NCH the most.

“When talking about the C’s, there’s actually one that’s more important – and that’s Care,” says Hiltz when speaking specifically about NCH. “In the homework that I did on what is done here at NCH, the care delivered is just phenomenal. Speaking with some of the staff, what I know is they're really passionate about delivering world-class care to patients.”

NCH Weight Management Program Offers Weight Loss and a New Start to Healthy Living

T he NCH Weight Loss Management Program is successfully helping patients lose weight and is equipping them with nutritional and psychological tools that will help keep the weight off for good. The Weight LossManagement program, part ofNCHBariatrics, usesmethods that have been yielding positive, life-changing and life-extending results. The Program’s team is comprised of experts from every medical specialty related to obesity and weight loss. Wesley A. Dailey, MD, NCH board certified General Surgeon, is part of the team that designs a safe, effective individual treatment plan for each patient. Tailored plans may include surgical interventions, internal medicine, endoscopy and on- going behavioral therapy. Personalized fitness advice and nutritional counseling are a key component and the backbone of the program. Dr. Dailey explains that options include supervisedmedical weight loss using medication, gastric balloon and bariatric surgery including laparascopic sleeve gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. “Of the surgical procedures performed, the sleeve gastrectomy is the most often-performed,” says Dr. Dailey. “People often select this surgery due to less risks, and results are close to the same weight loss. The procedure removes 80 percent of the stomach, thereby restricting the amount, and limiting the type of food that you can eat,” he adds. “With bariatric surgery, patients can expect to lose 75 to 80 percent of their

excess body weight. We have a patient who had surgery and lost 75 pounds over the past year adhering to the program.” In addition to weight loss, another important benefit is controlling the risks and complications that are inherent in obesity. In some cases, these risks are reversed, or conditions such as diabetes are cured completely, or patients get better control of them. One patient lost almost 90 pounds and no longer needs diabetes medication, which is not uncommon,” states Dr. Dailey. “These benefits can not only extend your life – they can actually improve the quality of your life as well. Weight loss has big benefits,” Dr. Dailey adds. The programalso offers amonthly support group. AnNCH staffmember who has undergone bariatric surgery offers a first-person perspective to groupmembers and answers questions about the pre- and post-surgical process. In partnership with local practitioners, issues like the cosmetic removal of excess skin after significant weight loss are also addressed. Patients can be referred to the program by their primary care physician, a specialist, or they can simply refer themselves for consideration as a program candidate. There is no better time to make the decision to improve your life, protect your health, and lose weight. Make the call, now.

See a patient testimonial at

NCH Weight Loss Management Program Team Includes: Wesley A. Dailey, MD, NCH General Surgeon Robert A. Grossman MD, NCH General Surgeon

Pre-qualifications for weight loss surgery • BMI greater than 35, with at least one serious

complication of obesity (such as Type II Diabetes, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome, Asthma, and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)) • BMI greater than 40, regardless of the presence of complications • BMI greater than 30 with difficulty managing diabetes • Ages 18 to 65 (older patients on a case-by-case basis)

Robert Sadaty, MD, NCH Internal Medicine Mazen Albeldawi, MD, NCH Gastroenterologist Audrey McKernan, RD, CDE, LPN, NCH Registered Nutritionist Esther Mugomba-Bird, MSN, PMHNP-BC, NCH Behavioral Health Krystal Lang, NCH Weight Loss Management Program Supervisor

Benefits of NCH Weight Loss Program • Significant weight loss • Reduce, control or eliminate risk factors and/or complications of obesity • Extension and improvement of quality of life • Improvement in emotional and psychological state and lowered stress levels

• Failed attempts at traditional weight loss • Obesity-related health complications • Competence to understand surgical risks • No psychiatric contraindications • Compliance with diet and exercise requirements (may need six months of medically-guided weight loss)

For more information, call Krystal Lang, NCHWeight Loss Management Program supervisor at (239) 624-0390 or visit

NCH Physician Offers Innovative and Interventional Options In Pain Management

Have you ever found yourself in a doctor’s office, being asked to describe the level of pain you are feeling on a scale of one to ten – with ten being the worst pain you have ever experienced? Pain is a very subjective symptom - and many have a difficult time accurately expressing how they feel in a Physician's office. Often times, many of these patients feel frustrated and are left wondering if they will ever find a sense of relief.

and anti-inflammatory medications help to relieve pain, other alternatives in the field of regenerative medicine are growing. In an effort to help those patients for whom other treatment methods have failed – or simply have become ineffective – Dr. Andar also believes in utilizing innovative procedures like plasma-rich platelet injections

to stimulate the body's healing of injured tendons, ligaments, and tissues. Besides these procedures, Dr. Andar also utilizes Radiofrequency Ablation, a technique used to heat and lesion nerves, for certain patients with back pain. The

procedure can help patients maintain significant long-term relief for up to a year. Dr. Andar’s own experience with back pain provides a unique insight into diagnosis as well. “Pain is often convoluted and heavily subjective,” he explains. “[Because] I’ve had back pain before, I know what the feeling is like when they describe it. I see a lot of patients with back pain and many gain long-term relief,” he adds. “I genuinely feel good when I help a patient decrease their pain.”

As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician who completed an additional year of fellowship training to sharpen his skills for interventional procedures primarily related to the spine, Dr. Andar believes in a multi-faceted approach to treating patients with pain. “It's not just about the symptoms, it's about the patient as a whole. Pain inhibits you from doing what you enjoy in life,” explains Dr. Andar. “It takes a psychological toll over time. So, I try to manage that pain by decreasing it to the point where a patient can function and participate in regular daily activities without being hampered by pain.” In his practice, Dr. Andar sees many patients with various levels of acute and chronic pain primarily dealing with the low back, neck, joints, nerves, and muscles. While tried-and-true treatment methods like cortisone shots Dr. Haroon Andar, newly arrived to the NCH Physician Group, is an Interventional Pain Management Specialist and wants to help patients find relief from pain - so they can go back to enjoying the hobbies they love.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Andar , call 239-624-0960 . His office is located at 1285 Creekside Blvd. E., Suite 102 in Naples .

such as Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva may be prescribed as they may actually help recover bone density to some degree. However, individuals taking these medications should be aware that some controversy exists over their long-term use, as there may be secondary effects on bones. If you have concerns, it should be discussed with your provider. Nonetheless, these medications are as safe as others you're exposed to, says Dr. Riveron, and none of the risks outweigh their benefits. Osteoporosis Can Turn a Simple Slip and Fall Into a Devastating Life Event

One in every three women over the age of 50 – and one of every five men – are affected by osteoporosis; a weakening of the bones that causes them to become brittle, fragile and susceptible to breaking. The problem with osteoporosis is that there are generally no symptoms – until you break an arm or a hip, or fracture a vertebrae. While most people with healthy skeletal systems would not break a bone in a simple fall, for those with osteoporosis, a fall can become a devastating life event. So, what can be done to prevent osteoporosis? Identify

Risk factors for Osteoporosis • Women past menopause or 65 and older • Tobacco and alcohol consumption • Sedentary lifestyle - little or no exercise • Hormone levels (sex hormones and thyroid and other gland levels) • Dietary (low calcium, eating disorders, medications) • Low body mass index • Exposure to long-term use of steroids • Those with immune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis • Those with chronic renal disease or colitis When to see a doctor for a bone screening • Women 65 and older • Women between age 50 and 65 if any of the risk factors are present • If you have had a fracture • If you have low body mass • Maintain a schedule of periodic monitoring to compare changes or improvements (usually every two years) Signs and symptoms of bones weakened by Osteoporosis • Back pain caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebrae • Loss of height over time • A stooped posture • A bone that breaks much more easily than expected Preventing Osteoporosis • Identify and modify risk factors

Dr. Gilberto Riveron

risk factors and initiate prevention strategies, including proper nutrition, exercise, and alcohol and smoking cessation. In addition to age and genetic predisposition to osteoporosis, immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic renal disease and colitis can make individuals more likely to develop this potentially life- altering bone disease. “Osteoporosis is asymptomatic until you have a fracture, and most people who have fractures don't know they have osteoporosis,” explains Gilberto Riveron, MD, NCH Family Medicine physician. “So, the education of risk factors is important.” NCH primary physicians can guide you in diagnosis and treatment and offer prevention tips. The first line of defense against osteoporosis is a screening test for bone density, which is usually recommended for those between ages 50 and 65. The test most prescribed by family physicians is the DEXA scan; a non-invasive, painless screening with a low-density x-ray, which measures bone mineral density. Lab

studies can also indicate vitamin D and calcium levels, which are additional indicators of bone disease. “If osteoporosis is detected, treatment first starts with modifying or eliminating the risk factors,” says Dr. Riveron. “If you smoke or frequently use alcohol, then stop. If you don’t exercise, then start, as weight-bearing exercise significantly improves bone density. You cannot reverse osteoporosis, but you can improve it.” Additional recommendations for vitamin supplements may be ordered. Or, if necessary, medication

• Exercise on a regular basis • Maintain good nutrition • Maintain a healthy body weight • Take supplements like calcium (500-800 mg. daily) and vitamin D (800-2000 units daily)

Dr. Gilberto Riveron is accepting new patients at 24040 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 202 in Bonita Springs . Call 239-624-7100 to make an appointment.

NCH Orthopedic Surgeon Perfects Surgical Method for Total Hip Replacement

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are considering or are a candidate for total hip replacement surgery this year – H. Morton Bertram, III, MD, has some great news for you. He has developed an innovative surgical technique called the Capsular Sparing Technique that has been highly successful in the prevention of post- surgical dislocation. Last July, the NCH Physician Group welcomed Dr. Bertram who is a

he adds. The surgery takes about an hour and patients stay overnight, or few days, depending on their age and medical conditions. Dr. Bertram’s Accelerated Recovery Program (ART), instituted at NCH, helps to minimize pain and decrease blood loss. Pain can be managed with oral medication. Among Dr. Bertram’s patients are

board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in total hip and knee replacement. He is a true patient care innovator – having developed pre-surgical and recovery programs as well as specialized surgical techniques during his 30-year career. The Capsular Sparing Technique differs frommore traditional hip replacement techniques because it does not require the removal of any of the deep layers of the hip joint, called the capsule. “The capsule is a very thick layer that provides inherent stability

professional golfers, high- level tennis and pickleball players, and weightlifters

who do deep squats with heavy weights – all of whom report great results

to the hip,’ explains Dr. Bertram. “In traditional hip replacement surgery, almost all of that fibrous tissue is taken out in order for the surgeon to have a clear access to the hip joint.” Dr. Bertram has been successfully performing his specialized capsule- preserving technique for more than 12

following hip replacement surgery. “Patients are happy that recovery is quick, and limitations post-surgery are minimal,” says Dr. Bertram. “Within about two weeks, they don't have to worry about the position of their hip. That doesn't mean we don't try to protect them for a little longer, but there are no limitations on the range of motion.” According to Dr. Bertram, patients are off a cane in seven to ten days. Most can begin driving within two to three weeks, return to golf at six weeks, and tennis at H. Morton Bertram, MD

years now. “I can leave the capsule in place, get the exposure that I need to do the surgery, and then repair the capsule, reproducing its original anatomy.” Utilizing this technique, Dr. Bertram says the hip is much more stable after surgery, making it much less likely to dislocate, which he says is the key. “After performing the technique on well over a thousand first-time hip surgery patients without a dislocation, I would say that we're on the right track,”

eight weeks. If you are experiencing pain in your hips – or groin area – Dr. Bertram advises an examination sooner rather than later. “And, there are other options for the treatment of hip pain besides surgery,” he says, “including biologic treatments or injections of platelet-rich plasma or stem cells, when appropriate.”

When To See an Orthopedic Surgeon For Hip Issues

● Pain located in the groin ● Pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

● Patients with inflammatory arthritis ● Severe functional limitations when walking or using stairs ● Stiffness

NCH Pre-Surgery Patient Optimization Program ● Helps patients prepare for and ensures readiness for surgery and optimal post-surgery healing ● Decreases the patient's risk of post-surgery complications or infection ● Utilizes critical thinking and assessment of the patient’s risk by ordering and reviewing laboratory studies (checking protein levels, immune system health, vitamin D, zinc and blood sugar levels) ● Makes pre-surgery recommendations for starting vitamin supplements, probiotics, anti-bacterial soap, and when to stop alcohol consumption

To make an appointment with Dr. Bertram , call 239-624-1700 .

LUCAS Chest Compression Device Helps to save lives at NCH

is exhausting and difficult to sustain the quality necessary beyond one minute. With the LUCAS device we can continue excellent quality compressions for one to two hours or even longer if required.” The LUCAS device also helps to eliminate the risk of back injuries often suffered by personnel administering CPR. NCH got its first LUCAS device in 2010 and all NCH emergency centers now have one on-site. “It takes seconds to get it properly in place and operating,” Novakovich adds. “The time we are saving is huge. Multiple scientific studies have proven immediate and excellent quality cardiac compressions along with early defibrillation is key to achieving the best outcome for the patient. LUCAS helps us achieve that.” She shares there’s no doubt the LUCAS devices are making a difference in saving lives. Additionally, Novakovich recommends that everyone become familiar with performing cardiac compressions. Visit to see where you can go to attend a class on cardiac compression. The NCH Healthcare System has five very busy ERs with 123,000 visits per year. A dedicated team of emergency room physicians and medical staff are at the ready to treat arrivals with almost every injury, trauma, illness, or malady. NCH Healthcare Emergency Departments are open 24-Hours a Day, 7-Days aWeek and are located at:

S econds count when someone is in cardiac arrest. Even in a hospital, a patient needs swift and immediate medical care to ensure preservation of life as well as achieving the most optimal outcome possible. At NCH, the emergency response teammakes those seconds count by using the latest, most accurate technology available - the LUCAS Chest Compression System device. For over 25 years, the LUCAS Chest Compression System has been helping lifesaving teams around the world deliver high-quality chest compressions for adults experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Long used in the field by Fire/EMS personnel, LUCAS is an external mechanical device that delivers uninterrupted automatic chest compressions at a rate and depth that are current and consistent with American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines. It is lightweight, portable and easy to set up. “The LUCAS is 100 percent accurate. There is no guess work,” says Betsy Novakovich, NCH Administrator of Emergency Services. “It’s the best CPR anybody can receive.” Once in place, the LUCAS can administer cardiac compressions for extended periods of time and thereby free up emergency responders to provide other life-saving care. “The LUCAS doesn’t get tired like we do,” explains Novakovich. “CPR is not what it looks like on TV. It

NCH Baker Downtown Hospital 350 7th St. N., Naples, FL 34102 NCH North Naples Hospital 11190 Health Park Blvd, Naples, FL 34110 NCH Healthcare Northeast 15420 Collier Blvd, Naples, FL 34120 NCH Healthcare Bonita 24040 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 NCH Pediatric Emergency Dept. 11190 Health Park Blvd, Naples, FL 34110

Betsy Novakovich, left, and Jamie Benigno, NCH Emergency Nurse, unpack the LUCAS Chest Compression Device.


As a board-certified non-invasive cardiologist with more than 12 years of experience, Randolph Panetta, M.D., is well-versed in the secrets of maintaining cardiovascular health. “Movement is the key to a long, healthy life,” says Dr. Panetta, who recently joined the NCH Heart Institute after moving to the area from Connecticut. That movement can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, skipping the front row parking space at your favorite store and walking

“Doctors are in-tune to the signs and symptoms of heart disease, and will make a quick referral if they see a reason,” Dr. Panetta explains. “Voice your concerns and communicate any symptoms you may be having.” Dr. Panetta says he strives for good doctor-patient

relationships; those that are based on trust. “I take pride in my relationships with my patients,” he adds. “There is something important about being able to dialogue with one another. It’s also very valuable to provide patients with a listening ear. To me, that can be just as powerful as medication.”

from the rear of the parking lot, or walking around the block every day when you go out to get your mail. He tells all his patients, “The more you move, the better off you’ll be.” Nowadays, thanks to advances in the detection and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Panetta says he is happy to see patients who are living – and living well – right into their 90s. “There is more of a focus on preventative medicine and I try to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease by looking at the whole body. Unfortunately, there are still individuals in their 40s and 50s who have active heart disease or who are at risk for developing it,” he adds. “The important thing is seeing your primary care physician regularly, and thoroughly describing any symptoms or changes to physical function you have experienced.”

Dr. Panetta shares that he moved to Naples with his wife and three sons to escape the cold northern winters. He reports that the entire family was happy to trade their snow-shovels for sunblock.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Panetta , call the NCH Heart Institute at 239-624-4200 .

NCH and the NCH Physician Group

Academic Internal Medicine Clinic Charles Graeber, MD 

● ● ● ● ● 6 13 2 2 19 13 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 6 4 5 5 5 1 15 4 2 2 1 19 19 5 13 15 4 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 1 1 1 14 14 14 14

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 16 5 2 1 1 1 1 19 3 3 19

Christian O. Beskow, MD

Jeffrey Howland, MD  Larry Kohn, MD David Linz, MD Pedro Martin, MD Bryan Murphey, MD Gregory Rubin, DO Robert Sadaty, MD Mark Speake, MD 

● ● ● ● ● 1 1 1 1 1

Jerry G. Best, MD

Rasai Ernst, MD  Emily Essert, DO 

David Linz, MD 

Jeffrey Howland, MD  Tracy Walsh, MD 

Leniesha Ferringon, MD Angeline Galiano, MD

●● 3

Medical Resident Physicians 

Lirka Gonzalez-Rodriguez, MD Karen Hiester, DO 

Allergy and Immunology Florina Neagu, MD 

● 19

Mark McAllister, MD Brian Menichello, MD Monica Menichello, MD

Tracy Walsh, MD  David C. White, MD

Behavioral Health Brandon Madia, DO 

● ● 1 1

Gina LaFountain, APRN  Victoria Wadsworth, APRN

●● 5 16

Esther Mugomba-Bird, APRN 

Samuel Parish, MD

Cardiology David Axline, MD Michael S. Flynn, MD Adam J. Frank, MD Bruce A. Gelinas, MD

John Pennisi, DO 

●●● 5 15 1 ●● ●●● ●●● 15 1 1 15 15 1 5 5 ● 1

Nephrology Shariq Ahmad, MD Neurosurgery Edison Valle, MD

Gilberto Riveron, MD Kathryn Tapper, MD

● 1

Venkata Yerramilli, MD  Adrian Zamora, MD  Michelle Clark, APRN Sarah Lindsay, APRN Cindi Lukacs, APRN  Angela B. Morales, PA-C  Alejandrina Montas, PA-C

● 1

Larry Leslie, MD

1 1

Orthopedic Surgery Christopher Adams, MD

Randolph Panetta, MD

● ● ● ● ● ● 14 14 14 15 14 18 18 ● ● 14 14 ● ● ● ● ● 1 1 19 19 19

●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● 5 1 15 1 1 1 1 1 1 15 15 15 15 1 1 5 ● ● ●

Tracey Roth, MD

Richard de Asla, MD

Carlo Santos-Ocampo, MD Maurice Schneider, MD Dinesh Sharma, MD Herman Spilker, MD David A. Stone, MD Hillary Tassin, MD Silvio C. Travalia, MD Shona Velamakanni, MD Caroline Shaw, PA-C Cardiovascular Surgeons Stephen D’Orazio, MD  Center for Breast Health Tran Ho, DO  Sharla Gayle Patterson, MD  Concierge Medicine Ruben Contreras, MD  Mark Goldstein, MD  Robert E. Hanson, MD  Robert Pascotto, MD  Brian Solomon, MD 

Herbert M. Bertram, MD Jon S. Dounchis, MD Howard J. Kapp, MD Scott Thompson, MD Raisa Genao, APRN  Pain Medicine Magid Al-Kimawi, MD Palliative Care Elizabeth Brawner, MD Ryan Perdzock, MD Pediatrics Paul Shuster, MD Danielle Silva, MD Tali Wojnowich, MD 2 Haroon Andar, DO

●● 14

KaitlinWalls, APRN

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Mazen Albeldawi, MD

Maged Bakr, MD

Anna Juncadella, MD Rajeev Prabakaran, MD Kunal Suryawala, MD

Heather Paris, PA

● ● ● 1 1 1 ● ● 2 2 ● ● ● ● ● ● 17 20 20 17 1 1 ● ● ● ● ● 15 1 1 1 13

Aubrey Fulton, APRN

General Surgery Robert Bailey, MD 

●● ●● ●● ●● ●● 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2

Wesley Dailey, MD

Robert Grossman, MD

David Lamon, MD Luigi Querusio, MD Infectious Disease Sergey Akimov, MD Gary A. Bergen, MD Vato Bochorishvili, MD  Mark A. Brown, MD Miguel Madariaga, MD Rebecca Witherell, MD  Internal Medicine Susan Best, DO Elisabeth Broderick, MD Louis Dusseault, MD Giuseppe Guaitoli, MD

Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine Brenda Juan, MD

● ● ● ● ● ● 13 13 13 13 13 13 ● ● ● ● ● 16 3 6 16 15

● ● 1 1 14 ●● ●● ●● ●● 1 1 1 1 14 14

Douglas Harrington, DO

Jesse H. Haven, MD Julie Southmayd, MD

Jose Herazo, MD

David H. Lindner, DO 1  Vinay Patel, MD Vishal Patel, DO Carl Ruthman, MD Gary Sporn, MD Urology Marc Colton, MD Stacey Gazan, APRN Jose Valle, MD

Gary Swain, MD

● ● 14 14 1

Endocrinology Victor Luna, MD Valeriu Neagu, MD

●● 1 14

Janice King, APRN  Michelle Nowak, APRN  Family Medicine Andrew M. Bernstein, DO

● ● 19 19

Kim Hamilton, MD

For an appointment with a physician, please call (239) 624-8106 Consult with a healthcare provider 24/7 from anywhere in Florida for only $45, visit to start your treatment.

NCH Baker Hospital Downtown NCH Downtown Naples Hospital: 624-5000 Academic Internal Medicine Clinic: 624-0940 Business/Occupational Health: 624-4630 Community Blood Center: 624-4120 Dr. John N. Briggs Wellness Center: 624-2750 Emergency Department: 624-2700 NCH Heart Institute: 624-4200 NCH Imaging: 624-4443 Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation: 624-1680 Outpatient Infusion Services: 624-4370 Outpatient Oncology Navigator: 624-4988 Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-1600 Palliative Care Clinic: 624-8490 vonArx Diabetes & Nutrition Health Center: 624-3450 NCH North Naples Hospital Campus NCH North Naples Hospital: 624-5000 Emergency Department: 624-9199 Center For Breast Health: 624-8120 NCH Imaging: 624-4443 NCHWound Healing Center: 624-0630 Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation: 624-6800 Pediatric Emergency Department: 624-5000 The BirthPlace: 642-6110 The Brookdale Center: 624-5722 NCH Marco Island Campus Marco Urgent Care Center: 624-8540 Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation: 624-8590 Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation: 624-8595 Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-8580 NCH Healthcare Bonita Emergency Department: 624-6900 NCH Imaging: 624-4443 NCH Healthcare Northeast Emergency Department: 624-8700 Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-8790 NCH Imaging: 624-4443 NCH Healthcare Southeast NCH Immediate Care: 624-8220 NCH Sleep Center: 624-8220 Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-1900 NCH Imaging: 624-4443 NCH Imaging: 624-4443 NCHWound Healing Center: 624-0650 NCH Central Campus: 513-7144 White Elephant Thrift Store: 624-6690 Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-6820 WhitakerWellness Center: 624-6870




10 15





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9 1419



16 20 13









7 8 9

10 11 12 13 14 15

Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-0970

NCHWound Healing Center: 642-0900 Bonita Community Health Center

NCH Immediate Care: 624-8220

NCH I magin g: 624-4443

Marco Island

NCHWound Healing Center: 642-0630 Outpatient Rehabilitation Center: 624-0380 NCHHeart Institute: 624-1000 Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation: 624-1080 NCH Immediate Care: 624-1050


For information on any of the NCH Healthcare System services, please call 624-1999 or visit us online at The NCH Health Matters is a bi-monthly publication of the NCH Healthcare System. Every effort is made to ensure information published is accurate and current. NCH cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from omissions or errors. NCH Healthcare System, 350 7th Street North, Naples, FL 34102, Telephone: (239) 624-5000,

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