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The Starting Lineup

Of Your Dental Offense

WIDE RECEIVER: FLOSSING Like an expert wideout, floss sneaks through the seams of the defense. It gets into the hard-to-reach areas, ensuring nothing picks off your progress. WIDE RECEIVER: TONGUE CLEANING A tongue scraper is the best way to run across the middle and clear out the linebackers hiding on your tongue. If you don’t have one, you can always use your brush as a substitute. RUNNING BACK: DRINKING MORE WATER AND EATING FRUITS AND VEGGIES Just like you need to sprinkle in regular running plays throughout a drive, you need to drink water throughout the day. It helps keep a healthy environment in your mouth. Fruits and vegetables have naturally protective properties. They keep saliva flowing and your mouth healthy. The combination of both will send your offense into the end zone. TIGHT END: CHEWING GUM SWEETENEDWITH XYLITOL This is a great addition to the team, especially for patients who suffer from dry mouth. Xylitol encourages saliva production and balances the pH of your mouth. OFFENSIVE LINE: PREVENTATIVE APPOINTMENTS, USING YOUR BENEFITS, REPLACING MISSING TEETH, STRAIGHTENING CROOKED TEETH, AND LIMITING ACID AND SUGAR Consider these the protectors of your offense. Regular appointments are your left tackle, guarding your blind side before you get sacked. Your benefits are the center, snapping the ball and allowing you to replace missing teeth and straighten crooked ones, both of which can foster bacterial growth. Limiting acid and sugar is the last piece of the puzzle, as they’ll wear down your star players in a hurry. With this lineup of dental blue chippers, you’ll put fear in the hearts of every defender you face. Just remember that unlike the college football schedule, your oral health has a game every day. DISCLAIMER: WHILE I’M AN AVOWED SEMINOLE, GARDENS DENTAL CARE IS HAPPY TO TREAT GATORS, HURRICANES, OWLS, AND FANS OF ANY OTHER COLLEGE TEAM. THAT SAID, GO NOLES! –Dr. David Yates

Did you know that football season is here? How could you not? As soon as summer winds down, school colors start flying, and all anyone can talk about is the upcoming season. That’s especially true this year, with so many new coaches in the SEC and ACC, as well as the emergence of UCF and USF as players on the national stage. The old football adage states, “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” However, in today’s college football landscape, where putting up 50 points isn’t a surprise, you’re not going anywhere without a productive offense. The same goes for dentistry. When you play defense with reparative work or treatment, it keeps your bacterial opponents from taking the lead. But when you have a great offense, one that pressures the other team relentlessly, your defense can take a breather.

With that in mind, here are my picks for an All-American-level starting lineup for your oral health offense.

QUARTERBACK: BRUSHING A great quarterback directs the entire offense. Proper brushing habits are similarly foundational for your teeth. We recommend using an electric toothbrush, so you don’t put too much zip on those passes and end up damaging your enamel.

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