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With spring around the corner, now is the best time to plan a family vacation. Parents have to make the most of the time they have with kids, and ours have grown up so fast. Before I blinked, I swear that Beth and I were taking our small children on a hike during one of our summer getaways. Now, they’re all in high school and middle school, handling homework, sports, and their own social lives. When I think about how fast time has passed, it makes me grateful for the strong bonds we built with our children when they were younger, especially thanks to some great vacations. We all know making trips filled with lasting memories can be challenging, so here are some tips to follow. everyone in your family big “Star Wars” fans or outdoor adventurers? From there, identify your timeline because long waits can ruin big family outings. My family loves the outdoors, so every summer, we spend a week exploring a national park. For Yellowstone National Park, you have to book your campground 12 months in advance. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s too soon to plan your trip, know that you can never be too early! The first thing you need to do is determine what your family wants to see. Is Once you have settled on where you’re going, it’s time to figure out logistics. If you’re planning less than a year out, take a look at airfare before booking a place to stay. Otherwise, check out accommodations first because airlines won’t have their flights scheduled that far out. Don’t forget to consider the time of year because if you’re traveling around spring break or a holiday, you’ll want to be prepared to spend a little more on flights. When booking your hotel or short-term rental, keep your family in mind. Do your kids like swimming? Does your spouse like to golf? Look for these amenities. And if your family prefers to relax in luxury, it’s well worth the extra expense.

Whether you’re going to Disneyland or a national park, do your research and plan everything to a T. There are a lot of review sites, so don’t just base your opinion on point systems or star ratings. Read reviews because others’ high ratings may be based on amenities or activities your family isn’t interested in. Additionally, you may learn some little-known tips about how to avoid long lines or which activities turn out to be less than stellar. Before my family

ventures to a national park, we research all their best trails to prioritize which ones to hike first. Typically we’ll get up

around 4:45 a.m. for our first adventure of the day. It sounds crazy, but any later in the morning, the trails turn into conga lines, and I can only imagine what it’s like at Disneyland.

“Regardless of individual attractions,

your children will feel fulfilled with quality time spent as a family.”

Try to organize your trip so that each morning is dedicated to one person’s favorite activity. This way, even if your children want to do different things, they won’t fight or argue, because they’ll know their favorite ride or hike is coming. If your children have any particular health

needs, make sure to incorporate those into your trip as well. During our hiking trips, I like to take an EpiPen for allergies or bee stings. If someone has asthma, be sure to pack a couple of inhalers. Regardless of individual attractions, your children will feel fulfilled with quality time spent as a family. Plus, the trip back home is more enjoyable when you have no regrets about the vacation. If you’re planning a big trip with your family this spring, let me know about it next time you’re in the office! This summer we’re rafting down the Colorado River, but we’re always looking for a new and fun experience for the whole family.

–Scott Robinson



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