Preferred: How Bad Posture Affects You

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1. Get outside! Getting outside as often as you can will boost your energy levels and get you some much-needed Vitamin D. Make your way over to your local pool, peruse around nearby shops, or simply take a walk around the neighborhood to get out, get moving, and enjoy the weather! 2. Rearrange your schedule. Does your schedule leave little time to fit in physical activity? Adding in 30 minutes of physical activity into your busy routine can make a big difference in helping maintain your function. Try taking a walk during your lunch break, going to the gym in the morning before making your commute, or even treating yourself to an exercise class a couple nights a week – you deserve it! 4. Start something new! Try taking up a new hobby that’ll get you moving! There are

several outdoor activities that’ll allow you to take advantage of the warm weather, such as beach volleyball, running clubs, kayaking, rock climbing, or hiking. Try your hand at some of these to see which suits you best! Any new physical hobby will help you get the exercise you need. 5. Contact us for help. At Preferred Physical Therapy, we want to make sure you stay safe this summer – we want you to be able to enjoy it! If you find yourself in any sort of pain, or if you’d simply like some extra motivational assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to help you achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit through our services, whether that be for physical therapy or fitness training. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help.

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