maxon Product Range 2023/24

maxon DC-max

Strong neodymium magnet, state-of-the-art winding technology, cost-optimized design, economical manufacturing: The brushed maxon DC-max motors feature maximum performance at minimum volume and an unrivaled price-performance ratio. Choose between graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings, and many other components.

Key data Motor ∅ Motor length

16 ... 26 mm 25.4 ... 44.7 mm


2 ... 22 W

Nominal torque up to 32.7 mNm Max. permissible speed up to 11 000 rpm

Electrical connection with terminals, cables and connectors, depending on the size.

Commutation with precious metal brushes for fine rotary motion or graphite brushes for heavy-duty use.

In a hybrid process, a stator is formed by assembling the motor housing and magnet in one step using injection molding of PPA plastic. Sintered bearings or ball bearings. Highly efficient ironless winding, system maxon – different nominal voltages available.

Stainless steel shaft with high stiffness; various modification options available.

→ The cost-effective alternative to the DCX program → High performance at a low cost → Combines the rational manufacturing and design of A-max motors with the higher power density offered by NdFeB magnets → Automated manufacturing process → Easily configured online


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