maxon Product Range 2024/25

Produced within 11 days Lean, automated processes ensure that all drive versions are ready for shipment within 11 days Assemble your individual brushed or brushless DC drive: You can configure the gear stages, the motor bearings, the shafts, the encoder and much more. Design your custom drive online today and your finished drive will ship from Switzerland in 11 working days.

Planetary gearhead

GPX A, C, LN, LZ Planetary gearhead A: Standard C: Ceramic axes LN: Reduced noise level LZ: Reduced backlash

GPX UP Ultra-performance planetary gearhead with optimal efficiency and reinforced output.

GPX SPEED High-speed, sterilizable gearhead for surgical applications.

GPX HP High-power planetary gearhead with reinforced output. Also available as a sterilizable version.


ENX EASY Magnetic incremental encoder, 3-channel, differential.

ENX RIO High-resolution, optical incremental encoder, 3-channel, differential.

ENX GAMA Radiation-resistant, magnetic incremental encoder, 2-channel.

ENX MAG Magnetic incremental encoder, 3-channel, for small motor diameters.

ENX EASY Abs Absolute single-turn encoder (SSI/BiSS-C)

ENX EMT Absolute multi-turn encoder (SSI/BiSS-C)

ENX MILE High-resolution and high-precision inductive encoder integrated in ECX FLAT.


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