maxon Product Range 2021/22

maxon EC-4pole

∅ 30 mm, 200 W. That is top performance. Their special winding technology and 4-pole magnets make maxon's brushless EC-4-pole drives unbeatable when it comes to delivering the highest driving power per unit of volume and weight. The motors feature a no cogging torque, high efficiency, and excellent control dynamics. The metal housing ensures good heat dissipation and mechanical stability. When it comes to service life, these drives leave the competition far behind.

Key data Motor ∅ Motor length

22 ... 32 mm 47 ... 162 mm 90 ... 480 W


Nominal torque up to 800 mNm Max. permissible speed up to 25000 rpm

Grooveless shaft ensures smooth running and extremely high torsional rigidity. The centerpiece is the ironless maxon winding. Its physical design offer benefits such as: zero cogging torque, high efficiency and excellent control dynamics.

Strain-relieved cables can be routed away from the motor both radially and axially. Connectors are possible.

The motor housing is a steel tube – non-magnetic, rigid, stainless.

→ Maximum power density due to rotors with two pole pairs → maxon ® winding with optimized interconnection of the partial windings → Speeds up to 25000 rpm → High-quality magnetic return material to reduce eddy current losses → "Heavy Duty" version for extreme environmental conditions

The metal housing and flange ensure good heat dissipation and mechanical stability.


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