maxon Product Range 2021/22

maxon EC-i

Powerhouses for extremely small spaces. With their optimized magnetic circuit, these brushless EC-i motors with iron windings offer a very high torque density and very low cogging torque. The multipole internal rotor has excellent dynamics. The robust design with a steel flange and housing makes this unit suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Key data Motor ∅ Motor length

30 ... 52 mm 26 ... 110 mm 20 ... 420 W


Nominal torque up to 649 mNm Max. permissible speed up to 15000 rpm

The steel housing and flange ensure good heat dissipation and mechanical stability.

The stator with an iron winding is designed for high power at a low cogging torque.

The modular rotor delivers good dynamics and large torques.

Grooveless shaft ensures smooth running and extremely high torsional rigidity.

→ Highly dynamic due to internal, multi-pole rotor → Mechanical time constants of less than 3 milliseconds → High torque density → Speeds up to 15000 rpm


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