maxon Product Range 2022/23

4–33_Welcome to maxon 35–58_maxon selection guide 55_Accessories overview 60–84_Technology – short and to the point 85–87_Standard Specification

maxon selection guide Get an overview of the extensive range of DC brushed and brushless motors, drives, encoders, control electronics, and the variety of possible combinations. Make a preliminary selection based on the power and size, commutation, or bea- rings. Quickly find what you’re looking for, including sterilizable drives for use under special ambient conditions or drives with integrated electronics.

Accessories overview Easily find the accessories you need for connecting maxon DC motors to maxon controllers.

89–184_maxon DC motor Brushed DC motors with ironless winding.

185–342_maxon EC motor (BLDC) Brushless DC motors with ironless or iron core winding.

343–352_maxon compact drive Compact drives with integrated positioning/speed controller.

353–439_maxon gear Precise planetary and spur gearheads.

441–463_maxon screw drive Compact screw drives with steel or ceramic screws.

529–560_maxon motor&motion control 4-Q PWM servo controllers, 1-Q-EC amplifiers, positioning controllers, and multi-axis motion controllers. 465–528_maxon sensor Magnetic, optical, and inductive encoders, DC tachometers, and resolvers.

561–576_maxon accessories Brakes, end caps and connecting cables.

579–589_maxon ceramic Custom ceramic components and standard components such as ceramic axles, shafts, or screws. 591–594_Contact Headquarters, business units, labs, production companies, sales companies and sales partners.

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