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SN EN ISO 9001 SN EN ISO 9001 specifies the requirements to a quality management system (process approach) that an organization has to meet in order to provide products and services that meet the customer expectations as well as comply with applicable regulatory requirements. Simultaneously, the management system has to be subject to continuous improvement. SN EN ISO 14001 Is an internationally accepted quality norm for environmental management systems (EMS). It covers environmental- relevant processes and procedures in a company, requiring a company’s management and employees to adopt environmentally-compatible behavior and constantly seek to improve its procedures and documentation. EN 9100 This is an internationally accepted quality standard of the aerospace industry. It requires companies and employees to reduce potential risks in the aerospace industry to a minimum by structuring the design and manufacturing processes accordingly. At maxon, this standard is applied for customer-specific products on request – except for A-max motors and controllers. SN EN ISO 13485 Is an internationally accepted quality norm for medical products that requires management and staff to ensure that the design and manufacture of medical products minimizes the potential risks for patients. Traceability of processes and raw materials is also ensured. At maxon, this standard is applied for customer-specific products on request. IATF 16949 maxon is IATF 16949 certified. The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) is a group of automotive manufacturers and associations that defines the quality requirements in the automotive industry. The IATF 16949 standard is an international technical specification and quality management standard for the entire supply chain of the automotive industry. It is based on the EN ISO 9001 standard and describes the special requirements that apply for the development and manufacturing of products for the automotive market. At maxon, it is implemented within the scope of customer-specific projects.

Overview of the maxon certifications

ISO 9001

IS0 14001

EN 9100 ISO 13485 IATF 16949

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