maxon Product Range 2021/22

maxon EC frameless Rotor and stator are delivered separately and connected only during the assembly of the components. Frameless motors offer maximum torque density and minimum size, high overload capability, low cogging torque, and enough space for cable glands.

Key data Motor ∅ Motor length

43 ... 90 mm 20.55 ... 42 mm 30 ... 260 W


Nominal torque up to 1010 mNm Max. permissible speed up to 10000 rpm

Printed circuit board with cables and integrated Hall sensors.

Rotor and stator are delivered as separate parts. Stator packet optimally connected to the aluminum flange, for ideal heat dissipation. Cables with connectors soldered directly to the printed circuit board to minimize volume.

Precision-manufactured winding for optimal fill factors.

→ High torque density → Compact, with plenty of space inside → Low operating voltage → Complete control → Proven design


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