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Increase your knowledge of drive technology and motion control Learn more about the interaction of drive components, namely motor, gears, sensors and controllers. maxon academy brings together maxon products to provide ongoing education on drive technology. In addition to the maxon academy books and brochures, you will find E-learning modules, the currently planned seminars on drive technology and motion control as well as teaching material. These range from presentation and sample motors that can be taken apart for student exercises to models for hands-on training with suggestions for practical work.

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v(t), F(t)

Precision Drive Systems

Urs Kafader

The selection of high-precision microdrives

Formulae Handbook maxon academy

e author, Dr. Urs Kafader — born 1963 in Sarnen, Switzerland, was awar- d a physics degree and MBA from the Federal Institute of Technology, ETH rich, and a doctorate from the UHA Mulhouse in France — started his career the ETH Solid State Physics Department working on the epitaxy of semicon- ctor heterostructures. With a genuine interest in the impartion of technical owledge, he attended lectures on general didactics and specialized training r technology education. For more than ten years, Dr. Kafader has been res- nsible for technical training at maxon motor. In this function, he has presented any training courses and seminars for the maxon staff and customers. Further- ore, he is involved in the review of product documentation and also developed e maxon selection program.

maxon academy

The selection of high-precision microdrives Step by step from the specific formulation of the drive problem to its solution. Numerous tips and explanations, focusing only on theory where required for greater understanding. Various examples of applications deal with the practical aspects of drive technology. (Author: Dr. Urs Kafader, 149 pages, ISBN 978-3-9523654-5-8)

maxon Formula Compendium Formulae, terms and explanations for all types of calculations concerning drive systems. Detailed collection with illustrations and descriptions. Flow chart for targeted drive selection.


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