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IDX drives The maxon IDX drives consist of a motor based on EC-i technology, a magnetic absolute encoder and an EPOS4 positioning controller with integrated field-oriented control (FOC). – IP65 protection; only the output shaft needs to be sealed by the customer. – Integrated temperature sensors on the winding and in the controller are evaluated directly in the drive and enable optimal utili- zation of the operating range. EPOS4 positioning controller The integrated EPOS4 enables different operating modes: Positioning, speed or cur- rent control. The drive can be commanded via EtherCAT or CANopen. The IDX drive is equipped with configurable digital and analog inputs and outputs. These are matched opti- mally to the various functions and operating modes of the CiA-402 device profile. – Easy commissioning due to preconfigured motor, encoder and brake parameters, as well as auto-tuning function – EPOS Studio: Intuitive software for commissioning – Libraries for lean integration into a wide variety of master systems – All documentation and software is available free of charge

Alternative version without fieldbus (I/O version) Commands are given via the inputs and outputs. In this case, only current and speed control are supported (no position control). Optional brake The holding brake blocks the motor when dis- connected from power. The brake is controlled by the integrated controller. – Minimally longer drive – Holding brake, not suitable for deceleration. – The brake influences the temperature range and the minimum permissible supply voltage The electrical properties, performance data, dimensional drawings and CAD data of the brake with drive are available online. Cables Only minimal work is needed for cabling the IDX drive, as only the power supply, command cabling and, if necessary, the I/Os have to be connected. In the online shop, maxon offers a selection of suitable cables.

Drive selection maxon IDX drives are integrated systems that cannot be viewed and specified like separate motor-controller combinations. The supply current and supply voltage are not the currents and voltages that are present at the motor. For this reason, the data sheet does not specify motor characteristics, such as torque constant or speed constant. For specification in an application, the nominal torque, the maximum torque (short-term), the nominal speed, as well as the maximum drive speed have to be referenced for the given sup- ply voltage. The operating range diagrams can be useful for this. At, detailed documen- tation can be downloaded.

n [rpm] 48 V system

6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

V CC = 24 V

V CC = 12 V

M [mNm]





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