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Batteries and battery management system (BMS)

maxon BMS

maxon Lithium-ion batteries

Integrated battery solutions for your application maxon battery systems based on lithium-ion cells are individually tailored to your requirements and integrated seamlessly into your application. Alongside the battery cells, battery management is a key component in your solution. maxon has its own modular solution for this. Please note: The battery management system can only be purchased as part of a battery!


BMS 13-02

BMS 14-01

maxon Battery Management System (BMS) Cell configuration

13 s (Range 9 s - 15 s)*

14 s

Battery types Max. Capacity Communication Bus interface Electrical data Nominal voltage

LiIon** 32 Ah

LiIon** 32 Ah

CANopen (CiA 301, CiA 418) A

CANopen (CiA 301, CiA 418)

46.8 V 54.6 V 36.4 V 30 A 100 A 150 A

50.4 V 58.8 V 39.2 V 15 A 30 A 100 A 150 A

Charging Voltage Final discharge voltage

Nominal continuous charge/discharge current 15 A

Pulse charge/discharge current 30 s Pulse charge/discharge current 100 ms Pulse charge/discharge current 100 µs

Protection functions Over voltage Under voltage Over current protection Short circuit protection

ok  ok  ok  ok  ok  ok  ok 

ok  ok  ok  ok  ok  ok  ok 

Advanced Control Capabilities Temperature Management Advanced battery gas gauging Cell Balancing

Mechanical Data Dimensions

123.5 x 63 mm

80 x 76 mm

*Population Variant of BMS **Other types on request


maxon batteries

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