maxon Product Range 2021/22

maxon ceramic

High performance industrial ceramic is used primarily for applications where customary materials would fail. maxon ceramic products include: precision screws, axles and shafts, customer-specific components for microtechnology, and scratchresistant housing components.

General material properties Bending strength Elasticity modulus Heat expansion coefficient Thermal conductivity Electrical resistance Density Hardness

>800 N/mm² 2 x 10 5 N/mm² ≥6,08 g/cm³ 1350 HV 10 x 10 -6 1/K 2 W/mK 10 8 Ωcm

Polished ceramic surfaces are ideal for sliding movements.

Our ceramic spindles with specially developed cgs surface (ceramic glide surface) work almost completely without slip-stick effect.

The nuts also profit from the special maxon cgs surface and achieve significantly longer life spans. (new text)

→ Extremely high wear resistance and hardness → Excellent sliding characteristics → High mechanical strength → Long service life → High temperature resistance


maxon ceramic 

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