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Planetary gearhead Planetary gears are particularly suitable for the transfer of high torques. Large gearheads are normally fitted with ball bearings at gearhead output. − For transferring high torques up to 180 Nm − Reduction ratios of 4:1 to 6285:1 − External diameter 4−81 mm − High performance in a small space − High reduction ratio in a small space − Concentric gear input and output Plastic versions Favorably priced and yet compact drives can be realized with plastic gears. The mechani- cal load is slightly smaller than that of metal designs, however, it is significantly higher than that of spur gears. Ultra-performance gearhead The UP (Ultra Performance) gearhead uses rolling bearings in all stages. This results in a very high efficiency and thus in a higher load capacity, as well as back-drivability even with high reductions.

Koaxdrive Noise reduction

Ceramic versions By using ceramic components in gearheads, the wear characteristics of critical components can be significantly improved. The result when compared to purely metal gearheads is: − Longer service life

Noise is primarily generated in the input stage of the gearhead. The following measures can help to reduce noise: − Smaller input speeds and thus smaller relative velocity of the tooth flanks − Input stage with plastic gears − Use of a Koaxdrive gearhead The quiet “Koaxdrive” combines worm and planetary gearing. In the first stage, a sepa- rately mounted worm drives the three offset planetary wheels which then mesh in the specially toothed internal geared wheel. All further stages are designed as a normal planetary gear: − low noise − high reduction ratio in the first stage − other properties as planetary gears

− Higher continuous torques − Higher intermittent torques − Higher input speeds High power gearhead

Especially high output torques in the output stage of planetary gearheads can be achieved through the following measures − Use of ceramic components − 4 instead of 3 planet gears in the output stage − Additional motor-side support of the output stage − Reinforcement of the output bearings Heavy duty gearhead The HD (heavy duty) gearheads are character- ized by their robust construction. The use of stainless steel and optimized welding joints enable use under the most extreme conditions. Reduced backlash gearhead The reduction in backlash is achieved through a preloading of the planet gears in the output stage. Despite the wear that occurs during operation, the gearhead backlash remains constantly low, unlike for gearheads in which the backlash reduction is achieved by low- tolerance manufacturing and material pairing. Sterilizable gearhead Sterilizable gearheads are characterized by the use of stainless steel and special lubricants. The bearing of the output shaft and the con- nection to the motor are designed so that fluid leaking into the gearhead is inhibited.

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