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Motor controllers (Slave) EPOS − Current, speed, and/or position controllers (slave) with CANopen or EtherCAT communi- cation. − Positioning with motion profile, Homing − Cyclic Synchronous operating modes (CST, CSV, CSP) ESCON Current and/or speed controllers (slaves) with I/O communication. (ESCON2 also with CANopen)

Communication Digital and analog I/O

CANopen For time-critical communication of up to 6 commands per ms. Suitable for many applica- tions that do not have extremely high require- ments in terms of speed and the number of slaves or axes. EtherCAT For top performance, with very fast data ex- change between many slaves, even over long distances.

For simple commands such as Specifying analog set values Activation Stop Reversal of direction of rotation RS232 and USB For non-time-critical communication between the master and slaves. Typically up to several tens of milliseconds per command, and not in real time.

Motor controller (schematic diagram)

Path generator

Speed ramp

Current set value

Speed/position control

Current control

Driver, power stage

Set value


Instantaneous current

Instantaneous value


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