maxon Product Range 2023/24

maxon DCX

The maxon DCX brushed motors feature unrivaled torque density and quiet running. The robust design and the ironless maxon rotor make the DCX motors a dynamic drive for almost all applications. Choose between graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings, and many other components.

Key data Motor ∅ Motor length

6 ... 35 mm 15.6 ... 72 mm 0.3 ... 80 W


Nominal torque up to 138 mNm Max. permissible speed up to 18 000 rpm

Electrical connection with terminals, cables and connectors, depending on the size. External/internal magnetic return as a single part. Motor housing and magnet glued together. Sintered bearings or ball bearings. Commutation with precious metal brushes for delicate rotary motion or graphite brushes for heavy-duty use.

Highly efficient ironless winding, different nominal voltages are available.

→ Compact and light design → Precious metal brushes guarantee a low, constant contact resistance during the entire service life → Easy torque control using the current → Low start-up voltage, even after a long period in standstill → Easily configured online

Stainless steel shaft with high stiffness; various modification options are available.


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